Ferlin Backpack Diaper Bag Front Side

If you are expecting for the first time, getting a diaper bag is probably the very last thing you will think of acquiring – if you think of it at all.

The same goes for those of you who just had a baby, but I assume you’re not the one reading this article right now. Fret not, however. The article will still be there in a couple of months, when your kiddo grants you 10 minutes to check the internet for… well, diaper bags.

Because that is one thing that will instantly cross your mind the first time you two depart for a longer walk. As we all know, babies are busy little bees that are constantly on the move and require even more things than you do. Just think of all the gear they need (and might need) during a single afternoon out: diaper stash, onesies, blankets, bibs, burp cloths, formula, pacifiers, a toy or two, wipes, sanitizers, the list goes on

And you are the one who needs to figure out how to put an elephant into a fridge. It’s way more complicated than just opening the door, shoving it in, and closing the door!

You may opt for a conventional diaper bag, as in messenger bag. But imagine the horrors of wearing your purse over one shoulder, the baby bag over the other, while trying to keep the baby tied to the stroller when she’s so desperately curious about her surroundings! A diaper backpack can help you here. With a baby or a toddler around, you need all… errr, both your hands free and available all the time. That’s why it is a much better choice than a shoulder bag or tote.

And don’t even try to transform your regular tote to a diaper tote. However roomy it is, it just won’t accommodate everything you need. I’ve been there, done that, came back home and had my hubby spend the next three hours rummaging through the internet for any specialized options. Yes, you’ll possibly manage to cram everything into the tote, but then you’ll have to un-cram it (and quickly!) to find that needle in a haystack.

I’ve already written about Coolbell Diaper Backpack. Today, let’s go through the pockets of one of its main competitors, Ferlin Diaper Backpack.

What Does This
Diaper Backpack by Ferlin Offer?

Ferlin Backpack Diaper Bag Front Side
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This diaper backpack includes 18 compartments total – which is a pretty amazing fact. Plus, there’s a number of awesome additional assets that will make your life so much easier. Here’s a list of most important features:

  • Four bottle spots, three of which are insulated to keep the drinks warm or cold
  • Changing pad
  • Micro fleece pocket for your phone or other items that you want to keep from scratching
  • Two easy-access side pockets for wipes or something else that you need often
  • Front pocket with zipper, great for your wallet
  • Padded shoulder straps with rings for keys
  • Outer pocket with two insulated pockets on the inside
  • A hidden pocket on the back, with a zipper, for important documents, money, credit cards or other stuff you don’t wanna lose
  • Carrying straps that you can unstrap, so you can easily get it in and out of the car, for example


  1. Spaciousness. There’s a whole bunch of compartments. Even though it might seem difficult to remember where did you put that green pacifier, believe me – it’s a breeze. Soon you’ll be wondering how you could live without that many pockets. Many customers report that it can house everything you need for two kids.
  2. The diaper changing pad allows you to change the kiddo on the go, regardless of the environment and conditions. Do it on a bench, in a cafe’s bathroom, wherever you happen to be.
  3. The bottle compartments are insulated, keeping the temperature constant.
  4. If you’re worried about its durability, note that they are offering 180 days warranty – more than most their rivals. Just make sure you purchase from them, and not some other seller.
  5. The top handle transforms it into a diaper tote, should you ever need one.
  6. The backpack is very versatile. So, once the baby stops being a baby, you can wear it as a regular backpack or a laptop bag – it can easily fit two MacBooks.
  7. Daddy won’t have anything to complain about. The backpack is unisex, neutral in design and colors, so it looks cool with just about any outfit.
  8. The polyester fabric is waterproof and easy to clean. If any dirt lands on the surface, just wipe it off – no need to wash. And yes, no need to worry about baby stuff getting soaked when it’s raining.
  9. The backpack itself is lightweight. This can be quite a relief, considering all the stuff you need it to carry.
  10. The back side is carefully padded with sponge, plus the changing pad can also serve to protect your back from all the different items that tend to poke and jab you.
  11. I really like the hidden zippered pocket on the back. When having a baby, one tends to forget about their own essentials. Thanks to this little guy, you will never have to worry about losing track of your credit card.
  12. You’ll get a good value for the money. Diaper bags and backpacks are known to be pricey, and there are even designer options. This one isn’t the cheapest there is, but it does offer much.
  13. It’s a great baby shower gift idea. It comes in a carton box, so you can have it directly shipped to your friend’s address without being embarrassed about the package.
  14. Customers seem pretty satisfied. The product has 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with 67% of buyers giving it 5 stars.


  1. Some customers report the zippers tend to break after a few months.
  2. It has no stroller straps. For some parents, this isn’t a big deal. Others find it a huge minus. While it depends on individual priorities, I can’t help but wish it had these useful things that could give my back a break. After all, the main point in having a backpack over regular diaper bag is convenience.
  3. The two main compartments are too deep for the width and don’t open all the way down, so things tend to sink to the bottom and it might be hard to dig them out.
  4. The carrying straps can get in the way.
  5. The wipes pocket on the side can’t hold some brands of wipes.

You can check its price on Amazon HERE.