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Whether you’re planning a baby shower for yourself or your bestie, it can really add up. You have to factor in the cost of games, prizes, presents, snacks, refreshments, a cake, a present for the mom-to-be, and decorations. But there are some great ways to save a little money and still have a great time. One way? Free baby shower games. Games are a great way to both save money (or free it up for gifts or food), and add a more customized flair.

That’s why we’ve put together our top 17 picks for completely free baby shower games that will absolutely make your baby shower awesome! All you need is a printer to enjoy these super cool and completely free games.

1. What’s in the Purse

To get you started, here’s a game that everyone can enjoy. For every item in someone’s purse, they get a point. Whoever has the most points at the end, wins. There are plenty of printable points cards out there – including ones that break down how many points certain items are worth. This can include 1 point for keys to 25 points for pepper spray! If you’re playing with a mixed-gender crowd, you can alter it to include wallets and pockets, as well!

2. Congratulations

This can be a fast-paced game that keeps your guests on their toes. Have your guests come up with a baby-related word for every letter in “congratulations”. Whoever finishes first gets a prize. It’s simple but can keep your guests focused and having fun. It also presents more of a challenge when you don’t allow any repeats.

3. Kids’ Book Titles

You can put your guests’ minds to the test with this fun game. Using nothing but clues and alternative titles, let your guests guess the title of famous children’s books. For an extra little bit of fun, have these books in reserve. It’s a game where mom-to-be wins regardless. When the game is over, she gets the full set! The best part is that she can start using them right away to help baby bond with mommy’s voice.

4. Name Tag Game

Pin a name tag to each guest as they enter the party. These name tags should have a baby-related item on it. For the remainder of the party, everyone must call each other the names on the name tags. Come up with creative punishments and prizes for those who slip up and those who go the whole time without calling someone by their real name!

5. Pregnancy/Candy Bar Game

You’ve probably heard of the candy bar game in regards to the “dirty diaper” game. However, this is a different take on the candy bar game! Challenge your guests to match pregnancy and baby terms that most closely relate to candy bars. It’s super fun and can be quite a challenge.

6. Baby Shower Word Search

If you don’t have a printer, all this takes is a little patience. It’s also a great way to keep things flowing (or keep guests busy as you set up the next activity!) You can find these word searches in a variety of themes, colors, and patterns, so you can match it to your party easily. If you want to make this a prize-worthy event, all you have to do is time your guests and give a prize to whoever finishes first!

7. Discovery Game

Though this instant-classic is fun on its own, there’s a simple way to kick it up a notch. The original game is played by having your guests try to figure out what they have in common with all the other guests. It’s a great way to build a good support system for the mom-to-be, as well as make new friends. But if you poll your guests beforehand, you can use their answers as a sort of scavenger hunt. Whoever has the most “items” collected by the end of the game wins.

8. Baby Celebrity Names

If your mom-to-be is a huge fan of celebrities, then this is a great game for her baby shower. Have your guests try to recall celebrities babies’ names and names of kid celebrities. This can be super fun for mom-to-be, as well as a cute way to help your less up-to-date guests catch up!

9. Nursery Rhyme Quiz

In this fun game, your guests have to remember the name of the nursery rhyme based on its most famous phrase. An alternative is to have your guests finish the nursery rhyme. This is something that is easy to print out or write out for a more personalized touch.

10. Baby Shower Word Scramble

This fun game can easily be adapted for boy, girl, or neutral baby showers. Time your guests as they try to quickly unscramble baby terms. While it’s popular to use well-known and common terms, for a little extra bonus, add a few harder terms. This can be a great way to give out tiered prizes. Head over here for detailed instructions!

11. Guess the Bump Size

Using really anything to measure, from toilet paper to ribbon, have guests guess how big the baby bump is. Have them cut lengths and wrap them around mom-to-be. Whoever gets closest wins! The best part is, you don’t even have to print anything out for this!

12. Baby Face Mix Up

Print out a few pictures of mom-and-dad-to-be both as adults and babies. Make sure that they’re roughly the same size and from similar angles. Cut eyes, ears, noses, mouth, etc. out along with a face/head template. Guests will have fun mixing up pictures of mom and dad to guess what the baby will look like. This is another fun time-killer while you prep for the next activity.

13. Delivery Guesses

Print out cute faux birth certificates and have guests fill them out with everything from their guess on the baby’s weight and height, to the time and date they’ll be born. While there may not be a clear-cut winner (at least for a while!), it’s a fun way to keep your guests entertained as you prepare for the next game, activity, or event. If you’re willing to follow through with more long-term planning, you can actually give the person with the closest guesses a prize!

14. Baby Shower Bingo

This is one of those timeless, fun baby games that no shower is complete without. Have your guests fill out the blank spots with gifts they think mom-to-be will be receiving. As the presents are opened, guests can mark off what they get right. Because so many know how to play this awesome game, it’s easy to put your own flair on it. This is a good game for tiered prizes, as well, as you can give away increasingly great prizes to the top 3 winners! We have a separate blog post on this game – check it out here.

15. Baby Animal Names

This is an especially great game if your baby shower is animal-themed. Simply print out worksheets and have your friends and family fill out the baby names for each animal. Whoever gets the most right wins! You may want to make sure that no one is using the cell phones for this one!

16. Mad Lib – Baby Shower Style

This is just like any other mad lib, except the situations you choose nouns, adjectives, and verbs for are in context to giving birth, finding out you’re pregnant and being a new mom. If you’d rather, you can write mad libs about yourself for a more personal touch! Regardless, this is one of the funniest baby shower games out there!

17. Wishes for Baby

While this may technically fall more under the keepsake category, it’s still an awesome addition to any baby shower. Have guests fill out “wish cards” where they write what they want Baby to remember, dream about, bloom into, love, create, learn, and laugh about. There are many printable Wishes for Baby templates online for free. If you’re crafty or talented with a pen and pencil, you can also draw these up yourself. This is a great opportunity to really make a personally and lasting touch on a keepsake not just for baby, but mom-to-be, as well.

Baby shower games are meant to be a fun way to blow off tension, earn cute prizes, and celebrate and support mom-to-be. There is a lot of room to be creative and customize pieces to cater toward mom-to-be or her theme. Keeping games fun and light is a great way to both get more out of the baby shower, as well as keep momma from worrying too much.
But you don’t have to spend all your cash on games. Save that for the more important aspects of baby showers (like presents for baby and mom!) There are tons of other great ideas for free baby shower games. All you need to do is check out idea websites like Pinterest or even ask your bffs for their ideas!