Do you think that your little wiggly infant can be given a bath easily in a baby bath seat? It is a likelihood but most of the parents apparently do not need this kind of handy tool. Baby bath seats used to be an absolute essential that assisted in ensuring that the baby remained in his position in the tub but these days they are not as common despite the formulation of newer safety regulations that have resolved quite a few issues related to them. Some baby safety experts asked for the baby bath seats to be banned in the entire country. However, if you still choose to use a baby bath seat, you should take into account a few potential safety issues.

Here are a few ways to choose and use a baby bath seat in a safe manner:

Say No to Used Products

You can comfortably procure used bath seats from garage stores but they will not conform to the modern day safety standards which were revised in 2010. The current safety standards call for smaller leg openings while the older bath seats came with larger leg openings; thereby providing the infant with ample space to slip through and get stuck. In addition, stringent testing requirements are in place to ensure that the baby bath seat does not tip over. The updated safety regulations also ask the manufacturers to use warning labels that tell parents not to leave the baby unattended in the water while giving bath.

Bath Seat and Bath Ring Attributes

You should look out for a bath seat with a smooth surface that can be cleaned with ease. Yes, you will be using in the bath but it does not mean that it will always be clean since gentle baby soaps can even build up while there could be an occasional bath-time potty incident. So, you want to ensure that the seat is properly cleaned before you are using it.

Ensure that all the latches and adjustments work seamlessly. Keep in mind that you will be using these features single-handedly since you will still be needing a hand for holding the infant. A baby bath seat that is solid and yet user-friendly is what you should be looking for.

Keep an eye at the manufacturer’s weight and age limit prescription. Some bath seats come with a lower weight limit that renders them less useful for giving bath to your bulkier baby.

A number of bath seats indicate that parents should not use them any more as soon as their kid learns how to stand while others can still be used when your baby has grown into a toddler.

Is a bath seat really what you need?

No, not at all. Bath seats and bath rings are meant for babies who can sit without any help so that makes them unnecessary. You can just place your infant in the tub and sit right beside the tub to look after him and provide support as and when required. Bath tubs for infants may not be required once your baby crosses the age of four to six months and which is almost the time when he learns how to sit. And when he learns to sit by himself, sooner rather than later, her will also start making attempts to stand up. When a baby starts to stand up, rigid baby bath seats should not be used. So, owing to a very short lifespan, parents prefer not to use the bath seat at all.

Supervision is mandatory

Stay beside your baby while giving him bath. A bath seat can never replace a parent. Babies and toddlers can drown even in less than two inches of water so safety is paramount during the bathing time. Any bath seat or ring is merely an assistance to you and you need to make sure that you stay close to your baby during the bath time.

Here is one bath seat that you might think of giving a shot:

Papillon Baby bath ring

This is a delicate baby bath seat that resembles a pool float for the tub. The infant can be placed in the pillowy wings and the bath ring can be used like a small lounger in the sink or the tub. When the baby learns to sit by himself, you can tie the center of the ring to his waist. This allows the baby to move around seamlessly in the tub with the help of the four floating wing pieces. The bath ring also allows the baby to stand up. You can wash the baby’s legs by moving the four wing pieces away. You can easily wash this baby bath ring and hang it to dry after the bath time is over. In addition, it is machine washable but at the same time, it is never a replacement for a parent’s supervision.