Guide to Nipple Cream for Nursing Mothersl

Nursing can be an excruciatingly awful experience during the first few weeks for mommies. They suffer from cracked, bleeding and sore nipples due to breastfeeding their bundle of joy. However, this pain tends to be milder for most women and lasts only for a short interval of time.

More often than not, mothers are tempted into contacting lactation consultants and paying them handsome amount of money to visit them and watch them breastfeed their infant. Sometimes they would not be able to figure out what’s actually wrong with the latch. Among the lactation consultants, breastfeeding is referred to as a dance with the breast pump termed as an additional dancing partner. The typical advice that would emit from them is to hold the baby’s head like a steering wheel and slowly and gradually drive it into your hooters. Having said that, all this routine can be quite a hassle for new moms.

All of this seems to be rather amusing but the burn of the soft cotton shirt touching their breasts can help all that amusement vanish in a fleeting moment.

That is a time when mommies themselves would be ready to start crying whenever their baby begins to feel hungry. There can be occasions when your baby spits up bits of blood and parents would rush to their pediatrician just to discover that the blood was from the lesions on the mother’s nipples. When all of this unbearable, mommies are forced into bottle feeding their little bundle of joy with a guilt that will linger on for years to come. (Here is a comprehensive guide on infant formula milk).

There’s still hope out there!

No matter how horrible your breastfeeding situation is, it is likely to get better with the passage of time. Hey, you will not have your nipple detached even if you firmly believe it will one day! There are numerous mothers who have been served well by lactation consultants or La Leche League representatives.

However, for some, nothing really seems to work out except that they have to stay topless for no less than a couple of months while they watch instructional breastfeeding video tutorials on YouTube. Nothing seems to give them greater satisfaction in this horrid scenario than the thought that at least they are not in the labor anymore. A nipple cream can comfort between the breastfeeding sessions though the interval between the sessions could be very little.

If your nipple pain is not excruciating, nipple creams can provide some relief from that pain during the initial few weeks of breastfeeding your baby.

A thing to note here is that generally when the mommies have their second child, the pain may seem to have gone away or at least become milder. In such cases, nipple creams are certainly the way to go!

Nipple cream can be your baby’s diet!

It is imperative that the contents of a nipple cream that you will be rubbing on your nipples are as safe as they can get since your little bundle of joy will be ingesting small bits of it. A large number of mommies from the 70s and the 80s put their faith in lanolin. Yet numerous products of the modern age claim that they are lanolin free. What is this all about? Let us find out!

Story behind lanolin

Lanolin is the greasy thing that comes out of the sheep’s sebaceous glands and is found in tons of cosmetics ranging from lip ointments to nipple creams. Despite being extremely efficient when it comes to providing relief from pain and healing chapped skin, lanolin comes adulterated with plenty of pesticides. This is so because the sheep’s wool is soaked in hazardous chemical substances to remove parasites and other microorganisms before lanolin is extracted out of it. Currently, no organic alternatives are available.

Fortunately for all of us, lanolin-free nipple creams are not hard to find this days.

Best Nipple Creams

1 – Green Goo Nursing Cream

The Green Goo Nursing Cream comes with 100% organic, non-GMO contents including beeswax, chamomile flower and extra virgin olive oil. This can be a brilliant gift for your breastfeeding friends and dear ones and is one of the most popular product out there.

2 – Earth Mama Angle Baby Natural Nipple Butter

Dotted with contents that are safe for your baby such as organic olive oil and mango butter, the Earth Mama Angle Baby Natural Nipple Butter claims to offer pain-relief during the initial few months of breastfeeding. It is available on a number of brick and mortar stores as well as online on Amazon.

3 – Motherlove Nipple Cream

The Motherlove Nipple Cream comes with organic contents including marshmallow root and calendula and is being touted as a zero-hazard product by Skin Deep. It is available on Amazon.

4 – Poofy’s Breastfeeding Cream

The supporters of Poofy’s Breastfeeding Cream believe that it provides pain relief and also does a fantastic job when it comes to eczema and dry and chapped skin. It is made of organic contents and is a safe choice for both the mommy as well as the baby.

Nipple Creams You Should Stay Clear of!

1 – Maternity Solutions for Painful Breasts Cream

The Maternity Solutions for Painful Breasts Cream comes with fragrance, parabens and triethanolamine, all of which are hazardous for your little bundle of joy and you would not want your baby to ingest these chemical substances, even if it guarantees providing your nipples the much needed pain relief.

2 – Udderly Smooth Udder Cream

The Udderly Smooth Udder Cream is another nipple cream that you should stay clear of mainly because of the aforementioned reasons and also the fact that it contains peg-2 stearate which is a suspected environmental toxin.

Keep your eyes and mind open!

The two most popular nipple creams are the lanolin variants produced by Lansinoh and Medela and both have been rated poorly on Skin Deep. Moreover, considering the risks associated with lanolin, it is prudent to avoid them at all costs. Of the two options, however, Lansinoh appears to be a safer choice as the company claims it to have been refined from all the allergenic ingredients and is void from all the environmental impurities such as pesticides residues. There is no such information available on Medela’s website though!

Mama Mio Calm Nipple Balm is also believed to contain lanolin.

Similarly, inspite of being expensive, Mustela Nursing Comfort Balm is not a safe option as it contains PEG chemicals and other hazardous chemical substances.