baby in a pumpkin

Halloween baby shower theme is probably not on the top of the list of your ideas for a baby shower party. But, if you plan your baby shower in the fall and you love Halloween (and who doesn’t), it is a great idea to celebrate both. Or if a mom-to-be is into Halloween you can throw Halloween themed baby shower party at any time during the fall or winter. One might like this idea or not, but it is undeniable that it is an extraordinary and awesome concept. Chances are it will be a party to remember.

As for ideas, you can really get creative with this halloween baby shower theme. It is hard to find a celebration with more decorations, costumes, and fun. So, you can use your Halloween ideas and adapt them to suit a baby shower. It is up to you to go very spooky, haunted, scary or a bit more light-hearted. 

Invitations for Halloween Baby Shower

Invitations are the first thing your guests will see, so it is a way to announce your party and a theme. If you decide to make it spooky, you can find a lot of printed invitations with spooky themes. A skeleton pushing a stroller, haunted house prints, “A baby is brewing” written on the black cauldron with boiling green liquid, are some of the spookiest ideas. I would also recommend putting some humor in it. If you don’t want to be so ominous right from the start, you can always go back to cute pumpkin invitations. 

Here are some of the interesting designs that you can purchase on Amazon.

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You can really shine here. Mixing baby shower and Halloween decorations will make you smile even before you begin. Buy a lot of balloons for starters. While balloons are baby shower thing, use a color scheme that fits Halloween. It means orange, black and white. Of course, you can choose different colors to match your decorations. A couple of banners are always useful. Put a ‘haunted house’ banner close to the entrance. You can also set banners behind a buffet table or behind the table for gifts. If you plan on revealing your baby’s gender you can put the banner with ‘Beware! The witch or wizard is coming’ written on it.

As for walls, balloon garlands will make your walls look good. Actually, you can get quite creative here. A lot of different themes can fit your wall garlands. For example, clothesline is a typical baby shower decoration. For this occasion, you can have a clothesline with bats and spiders. Or a clothesline with many little banners depicting usual Halloween monsters. Which brings me to my favorite decoration: Frankenstein with a pacifier, or if you want to push it, skeletons with pacifiers. If you fancy a softer approach you can have super cute pumpkins with pacifiers. 

Of course, you can’t have a Halloween baby shower party without good old jack-o’-lantern. Pumpkin family is a great decoration for Halloween baby shower. Choose the biggest pumpkin and write ‘daddy’ on it. Carve out another pumpkin so that you can put very small pumpkin inside the normal-sized one. You have probably figured it out: it is a mommy with a baby. Of course, you can add more pumpkins for other family members.

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Halloween Baby Shower Food

Choosing food for any party is the hardest part for me. People have very different preferences when it comes to food. Some of us prefer healthy food while others will munch on anything they find delicious. Not to mention vegans or people on any sort of diet. Finger food is a must for all parties, but if you want to get more ideas read our Best Baby Shower Food Ideas article.

Whatever you choose to offer to your guests on you halloween baby shower party, it is easy to fit the theme. You can arrange veggies to look like a skeleton. All kinds of snacks will look both spooky and silly if you add a pair of spooky eyes. Another easy way to get it right is to prepare regular snacks and cupcakes and decorate it with themed wrappers and toppers. 

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Cake and Games

When it comes to baby shower cake you have many options as well. Personally, I like baby shower cakes, so I would choose one of those and add a touch of Halloween baby shower spirit with toppers. For example, if you choose a baby bump cake you can add toppers with ‘Turn back now’, or ‘Welcome little monster’ messages. A band of dead mariachi in front of the cake can do the trick as well. Or you can do it the other way around and choose a Halloween themed cake with the addition of baby shower motives.

Halloween baby shower games are usually meant for children. So, once again I would choose some of the most interesting baby shower games. If you can mix it with Halloween it’s great, and if you can’t just print pumpkins or spiders and bats on your game sheets.

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I hope that you can put some of my ideas into the mix for your Halloween baby shower event. Anyway, you have a lot of possibilities and there’s every chance to throw a spooktacular party. Make sure your camera is ready and take some unforgettable photos.