baby proof cabinet

It is always bewildering that I never really give a lot of importance to cupboards, cabinets, drawers and virtually any other space designated to store household items. It is true though that without these handy contraptions, my house would be nothing but a huge mess.

What can be really frustrating is that you could have kids who show the least respect to these utilitarian storage spaces. They think that whatever has been stored in those cabinets is much more fantastic than their toys. If you are reading this post, you probably have kids who are willing to have a go at the goods hidden away in your storage areas.

baby proof cabinets

Before we discuss how to baby proof your drawers and cabinets, let us discuss why we actually need to do this.

How can cabinets be dangerous for your kids?

Here are a few hazards that can be caused because of the cabinets for your kids:

  • There could be sharp objects such as knives and scissors hidden away in the drawers and cabinets
  • The doors of cabinets and drawers could end up shutting on your kid’s fingers which could lead to a potential injury
  • You kid could throw out the entire contents of the cabinet and the drawer and spread them across the whole room; thinking it a game of some sorts
  • Cabinet doors can get damaged if your kid keeps on opening and shutting them constantly

These were some of the dangers that could be posed for your kids because of the cabinets. Now, let us move on to the three best possible solutions to this conundrum. What’s really cool about the baby proofing products is that you will not need to drill or screw to get them installed.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Magnetic cabinet locks are the first product that could be used to baby proof your cabinets.

These are considered as one of the most favorite tools among parents to baby proof their cabinets. In addition to baby proofing your cabinets, they are exceptionally easy and simple to use.

Magnetic cabinet locks typically come as a set comprising multiple locks and a single key; thereby allowing you to get them installed on a wide variety of cupboards and drawers that you intend to keep locked. A word of caution though: ensure that you keep hanging to the singular magnetic key!

Magnetic cabinet locks need hardware mounting. So, if your house owner has asked you to refrain from fiddling around with permanent house features such as cabinets, then this solution is definitely not the one you should be opting for.

The locking mechanism is actually the hardware attached inside the cabinet. The locking mechanism will not be unlocked unless you use the magnetic key to open it. When you intend to open the lock, hold the magnetic key in front of the lock with one hand and pull the cabinet’s door with the other one.

You can also get the magnetic locks deactivated if you are in the middle of arranging them and constantly want to open and close cabinets.

Here is our recommended magnetic lock kit with a single key and eight locks.

Some of its main features include:

  • Easy to install
  • Can be fitted easily in drawers and cabinets of all sorts
  • Can be deactivated with relative ease

Adhesive Mount Cabinet Locks

Now, we move onto the second option for baby proofing for your cabinets and drawers which is the adhesive mount cabinet locks.

These can be termed as a temporary solution to baby proofing your cupboards and can be easily detached as and when required.

Typically a couple of anchor points are required inside the cabinet for the locks to be stuck safely. Both the anchor points are connected with a strap which in turn prevents the cabinets from being opened up by your kids.

It is an affordable solution that is very easy and simple to implement. So, a number of parents bank on this option and are right to do so as well. Ensure that you wipe up the point at which you are going to place the anchor points with alcohol so that the adhesive is able to form an ideal grip to your cabinets.

Take care to go extensively through reviews on adhesive mount cabinet locks. Since all of them are not of the best quality. Some hardly stick to the cabinets while others are of the poorest design you will ever come across.

The Multi-purpose lock given below is the most commonly used one among parents. The best thing about this kind of lock is that it can be used virtually anywhere and proves to be highly effective as well. It is judicious to keep at least two of them in your repertoire.

Here are some of the exciting features of this kind of lock:

  • Push to release button
  • Straps that are quite flexible
  • Easy to install

When you need to remove them, the adhesive Goo-Gone is your best bet. You just need to use spring to get as much of the padding removed as possible. You can then make use of the Goo-Gone to get rid of the adhesive. You might need to let the adhesive stay for about ten minutes or so as you apply the remover.

If you have placed your cupboards and cabinets in a location where there is plenty of sunlight, it is probable that dark spots might appear when you remove your adhesive baby proof locks. This cannot be avoided since the rest of the cabinet gets faded in color while the locks tend to block the sunlight from hitting the spots where they stuck to the cabinet.

Cord Cabinet Locks

The pull cord lock by Kiscords are the last feature of our list of cabinet locks that can be used for baby proofing your cabinets and drawers.

These cord locks are compatible with cabinets that have adjacent round knobs. These are not versatile enough and so that is the reason they have been placed at the bottom of our list. Nevertheless, they are easy to use and even one handed.

Here are some of the main features of cord cabinet locks:

  • Push to release button
  • Easy to use
  • Made in USA

If you are still unsure how the cords work, then this video tutorial will come in handy.

Cabinet Locks that couldn’t make it to our list

It is time to take a glimpse at the products that were not able to make it to our coveted list and also discuss the reasons why they were not able to do so.

What is really interesting that despite a childproofing product company making one incredible product, it does not imply that all their products will be of the same caliber.

This is why it becomes mandatory for you to carry out extensive research before you visit the market in your quest to discover the best childproof cabinet lock.

Sliding Cabinet Locks

Claim: These locks are easy to use and can be attached to both handles and knobs

Reality: There are parents who have reported that these locks were able to childproof their cabinets to a certain degree. However, my experience with these locks on cabinet knobs has been horrific. The sliding piece tends to slip away from behind the knobs and can easily be grabbed and subsequently pulled away by a kid. They are also not made from the most durable of materials and hence do not seem to be a reliable option.

Spring Release Latch

Claim: These locks claim to be able to childproof doors with handles and knobs with ease and remains hanging on the door when opened.

Reality: These can be really frustrating to use and this desperation tends to creep in a bit too early with these locks. They might keep your kids away from cabinets but they can turn out to be rather cumbersome for even an adult to unlock. My advice: do not get them installed on cupboard doors that you are to open frequently.

Spring release latch

Claim: Easy to use and install cabinet lock with a broad grip that lets the parents quickly lock and unlock them.

Reality: I just can’t figure out how I should start enlisting the disadvantages associated with locks of this kind! These locks boast an extremely poor design, come with very obscure instructions on how to install them and can easily be opened by kids who make even the least of efforts. I would highly suggest you to not install these locks for childproofing your cabinets and drawers.

DIY Methods to Childproofing cabinets

There are still numerous parents out there who have been disappointed by purchasing another childproofing product that did not work or those who do not want to spend money on such a contraption. It is also possible to childproof your cabinets and drawers by utilizing the materials that you may find lying around in your house.

Babyproofing with a rubber band

If your cabinets have knobs instead of handles, you can keep you kids away from them by using a simple elastic band or a rubber bracelet.

You just have to find out a rubber band that can stretch over a couple of knobs and sit in there tight enough that it does not go flying away once the door is opened. Thicker rubber bands will be of use here since the thinner ones will get ripped apart rather too easily.

Get all dangerous products relocated

All of the content of the cabinet and drawers cannot be dangerous for the kids. You can move or relocate all the potentially hazardous things to a locked location or place them somewhere that is inaccessible for your kids.

If you intend to follow this strategy, then you will have to ensure optimum concentration and not forget a single product that could harm your kid in any sense of word. Also keep in mind that there is still a high probability that your kid might end up hurting his or her fingers on the cabinet doors.

Tips to Childproof Cabinets

Now, let me discuss with you a few tips that will ensure that you kids remain safe while playing around your cabinets and drawers.

1 – Ensure that your kid does not catch you unlocking cabinet locks

Kids learn by mimicking your every move and action and they do that at an incredibly fast pace. If your bundle of joy catches you unlocking and locking cabinet locks frequently, he will inevitably figure out a way to get rid of them.

If your kid happens to be in the same room when you are about to unlock a cabinet that is childproof, then make an attempt to get your body in the line of sight of your kid. This will ensure that the kid is not able to view what you are doing and will definitely lend credence you childproofing strategy.

2 – There is a workaround for every childproof cabinet lock

There is a probability that you have guests visiting your home who have had no children themselves and they forget placing the locks back on the baby proof cabinets. It is also possible that it might escape your mind to get the lock back in place once you have used a cabinet. Instantaneously, your child will be vulnerable to all the potential hazardous things that you have worked so hard to keep him safe from be limiting his access to the cabinet or drawer.

As a fallback strategy, it is prudent to relocate all the potentially hazardous things such as cleaning products and ceramic utensils to cabinet areas that are inaccessible for your kids. You can also lock your cleaning products in containers that cannot be prized open by kids.

3 – Supervision is the only secure way to childproofing

A childproof lock does not guarantee complete security of your kids from hazardous and dangerous items. Supervision is an inevitable prerequisite to ensuring the safety of your kid. Kids tend to find out unique and innovative ways to get themselves hurt.

This is it folks! Are you using any strategy that is different from the ones that have been discussed in this post? If there is one, do not hesitate to share with us in the comments section below.