Best Baby Bath Tub

We all know that babies love to create a lots of mess. You will have to wash plenty of poop smears and food splashes off the baby in addition to a number of other things. A baby bath tub is a contraption that makes washing your baby remarkably easy.

There is such a wide variety of baby bath tubs available on the market. It is a bit of a conundrum to decide which one you should get to wash your little one.

We bring to you a comprehensive guide on baby bath tubs that will help you choose the ideal bath tub for your baby. As you go through this guide completely, you will become an expert of baby bath tubs for sure.

Let’s not waste any more time and get going!

Best baby bath tub

In the beginning, we will be discussing some of the best baby bath tubs available on the market. These bath tubs are popular among parents hailing from different backgrounds and nationalities and offer a frustration-free bathing experience.

Best standard baby bath tub


Style: Blue or white

Brand: Primo

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Large size
  • For ages 0 to 24 months
  • Made in USA

There is no alternative to the benefits that can be reaped from some of the simplest things around. The Eurobath baby bath tub is a single molded piece of plastic that provides an exquisite bathing experience to your baby that is hassle-free.

The baby bath tub is made in the USA and is recyclable in addition to being free of any dangerous substances such as BPA, lead and Phthalates.

The bath tub is suitable for newborn kids to those of two years of age and offers two kinds of seating positions:

  • There are stoppers provided in the tub to offer support to the reclining infants and hence prevent them from slipping in water
  • As your baby grows up and becomes able to sit down in the tub, a stopper in the tub provides support just underneath the tubs in order to prevent the baby from slipping under water

The bath tub is made out of a single piece of plastic as mentioned above and can be cleaned and rinsed with ease. There are no obscure areas in the tub that catch and hide water.

The only reservation that I have regarding this baby bath tub is that it is too big in size. As a matter of fact, it is the largest tub available on the market boasting dimensions of 36 x 21 x 9 inches. This can make the tub easily portable when filled with water.

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Best Convertible Baby Bath Tub

Sure Comfort Deluxe Baby Bath

Style: Blue or pink

Brand: The First Years

  • Mesh Sling
  • Padded head rest
  • Easily convertible
  • Ergonomic design

This tub is being hailed as the most popular baby bath available on the market because of its simple design, low cost and ergonomic features.

The bath tub has been engineered to support the growth of your baby with time and accordingly boasts three different kinds of configurations:

  • Newborn: The body is kept in place with the help of a comfortable hammock as you wash him with a free hand
  • Infant: The sling is removed and the back rest is lowered that lets your infant sit up at a comfortable angle
  • Toddler: The rest at the back is raised that lets your kid sit upright without any assistance

There is plush padding providing on the back-rest that is non-slip in nature in addition to being mold and mildew resistant. It provides comfort and support to your kid.

There is a drain located inside the tub that allows you to drain off water as soon as you are finished off with washing and bathing. If the water is too hot, the drain will change color to white which is a kind of an alarm informing you to be careful.

There is a smooth curved rim on the outside portion of the tub and provides compatibility with single or double sinks.

When you remove the plug, the drain does not release all of the water thereby allowing you to remove all of the water and thus renders it light enough to turn over and rinse.

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Best Modern Baby Bath Tub

Infants Bath Tub

Style: White

Brand: 4Moms

  • Digital thermometer
  • Padded head rest
  • Convertible
  • Ergonomic design

This is a fantastic bath tub that boasts a fabulous design and with regard to its style and splendor, you may call it as the iPhone of baby baths. It comes loaded with a few luxury features that distinguishes it from its counterparts and competitors.

The bath tub boasts a feature by virtue of which fresh water keeps flowing through the tub. You simply have to open the side drain and turn on the faucet; thereby activating a mechanism that continuously drains out the dirty water while ensuring the perpetual circulation of fresh water.

A digital thermometer keeps track of the water temperature and indicates the degree of warmth the water has achieved. The screen of the thermometer is color coded; it turns blue when the water gets too cold, turns green when the temperature is appropriate and turns red when the temperature of the water becomes too hot for the baby.

The digital thermometer requires AAA batteries for operation and none of these are included in the original packaging with the bath tub. With a bath tub being so expensive, the exclusion of batteries in the original packaging is kind of disappointing.

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Best fold-up baby bath tub

Naked Collapsible Baby Bath Tub

Styles: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red

Brand: Boon

  • Two support options
  • Hook for easy storage
  • Quick to configure
  • Single piece design

It can be quite surprising that it becomes rather complicated to store a heavy bath tub. The Boon fold-up baby bath tub can be retracted into a smaller size that lets you comfortably store the tub away in the drawer or cabinet. The tub also comes with a hook that can be used to hang the tub on the back of the door.

In contrast to other collapsible bath tubs, the tub boasts a single ergonomic design that allows easy cleaning of the tub since there are no textured surfaces that require scrubbing or scratching.

The bath tub sports a bowl shaped design that makes it too slippery so you will need to support your baby while washing him. You may use a sponge insert or a non-slip mat at the bottom of the tub.

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Best inflatable bath tub

White Hot Inflatable Bath Tub

Brand: Munchkin

  • Comes with a bath ducky
  • Boasts a gorgeous design
  • A surface without groves
  • Portable

To be honest, I am not necessarily attracted to inflatable bath tubs. I feel that they are too much over rated, not reliable, hard to clean and takes some effort to get them inflated. If you are interested in purchasing a portable bath tub for your kid, then the collapsible bath tub is the way to go.

Nevertheless, inflatable bath tubs are quite popular among consumers and if you are one of those who are attracted towards these kinds of bath tubs, then you might as well head down this route.

The Munchkin inflatable bath tub is an affordable contraption since other bath tubs of the same ilk are quite expensive.

You simply have to place your inflatable baby bath tub into your typical bath tub and add water to give your baby a nice cool bath. The ducky can also be blown up to use as toy during the bath time.

The bottom of the tub comes integrated with a temperature sensitive disc that is color coded; thereby changing color to show if the water is too hot for the baby which is generally 104 degrees farenheit.

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Best Cushion Baby Bath Tub

Bath ‘N Bumper

Brand: Leahco

  • Soft surface
  • Bottom is slip proof
  • Comes with a hanger for drying
  • Offers ample support

A wide array of baby bath tubs are made of plastic since it is considered an ideal material for bath tubs as it lets them store water, renders them lightweight and can be molded easily. However, Bath ‘N Bumber Baby Bath Tub deviates from this pattern and offers your baby a nice and comfortable cushioned bathing experience.

This baby bath tub does not store water which may sound surprising to you but here is when it gets interesting. The bath tub consists of polystyrene balls wrapped up in fabric. You can use it by filling your typical bath tub with water and add the cushion bath tub on the top. The water soaks through the fabric and offers a nice, comfortable and luxurious bathing experience to your little one.

Cushioned bath tubs have been designed for babies that have grown up to sit upright and similar is the case with the Bath ‘N Bumper baby bath tub. The bath tub is not designed for newborn infants.

It is mandatory that the cushioned bath tub is dried up completely after usage. In addition to ensuring that the surface gets dried up, you have to take care that the interior also gets dried up. It takes significantly longer amount of time for the cushioned bath tub to get dried up in contrast to a plastic bath tub. The Bath ‘N Bumper bath tub also comes with a hook that can be used to hang it on the back of the door or on a wall so that it can get dried up.

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Best baby Bucket


Style: Red, Blue, Clear

Brand: Prince Lionheart

  • Safe and secure for your baby
  • Similar to a mother’s womb
  • Makes use of little amount of water
  • Suitable for kids of age 0-6 months

If your baby is averse to taking bath then a baby bucket is the only way to go. The baby bucket is designed like a mother’s womb that lets your baby stand upright as you wash him.

In contrast to other baby buckets, the WashPOD comes with a support made of plastic that ensures that the baby may not fall over. The plastic is reliable and can be cleaned easily.

The WashPOD can only be used for kids of up to 6 months of age so it has a very limited usage. The baby bucket ensures that the baby does not take a dip into the water. If you are looking for a more reliable and long lasting solution then the Tummy Tub Baby Bath is a compatible alternative to this baby bucket that is suitable for babies up to 2 years of age or 35 pounds of weight.

There is a typical issue that is related to baby buckets of all makes and types. It is rather difficult to wash your baby’s bottom and legs in baby buckets. I personally do not prefer baby buckets but there are numerous parents out there who take a liking to baby buckets.

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Different types of baby bath tubs

There is a wide array of baby bath tubs available on the market. Let us take a look at the different bath tubs with varying features.

Standard plastic baby bath tub

When it comes to baby bath tubs, there is a high probability that you are presuming a solid piece of plastic that can be fitted easily on a sink. This baby bath tub is a conventional tub that is loaded with a lot of flashy features. Typically, these baby bath tubs are integrated with a sloped interior that helps your baby to recline or stand at an inclined angle.

Hammock Baby Bath Tub

We all know that a newborn infant cannot support the weight of his own body. So, it is quite a hassle to wash your baby with one hand while supporting the body of your baby with the other one. A hammock baby bath provides support to your baby in reclining position and lets you use your free hand to bathe your baby.

Hammock Baby Bath Tub

Convertible Baby Bath Tub

Convertible bath tubs are adaptable with your baby’s developing body. These bath tubs are suitable for newborns, infants and toddlers and ensure that the money you spend on them reaps your rich dividends with the passage of time as you are able to use them continuously.

Convertible Baby bath tub

Convertible cribs can be converted into a couple of configurations in accordance with the growth of your baby.

Cushion Bath Tub

As mentioned before, a cushion baby bath tub does not hold water and provides support to your baby in a conventional bath tub. You simply have to fill up a typical bath tub with water, place the cushion bath tub into the tub and let the water soak through it.

Cushion Bath Tub

Inflatable baby bath tub

The baby bath tubs of this type come in flat condition and as you blow it up with air, you get a bath tub that can hold water and help you wash your baby around. These types of bath tubs are highly portable but are not as reliable as their counterparts.

Inflatable Baby Bath Tub

Fold up Baby Bath Tub

There are baby bath tubs that turn out to be too heavy; thereby making it exceptionally difficult to store them. When you are done with the bath and empty the tub of water, these bath tubs can be collapsed to a size far smaller in contrast to their original size and lets you store them in a drawer or cabinet with relative ease.

Fold Up Baby Bath Tub

The fold up bath tubs can be reduced to a fraction of their original size and that is why they come in a size smaller than their counterparts. This feature makes these bath tubs an ideal choice for travelling purposes.

Luxury Baby bath Tub

Luxury baby bath tubs are battery operated contraptions that come with a variety of features such as spa jets that swirl water, automatic bubble machines, a small sized nozzle with fresh water to rinse soap from the baby’s body and other additional features. These tubs are slightly bulkier in contrast to bath tubs to other kinds.

Luxury Baby Bath Tub

Bucket bath tub

These baby bath tubs are similar to buckets and have the ability to hold sufficient amount of water that let you wash your baby while he stands in an upright position.  These bath tubs provide a fine option for babies who do not fancy taking a bath. These types of bath tubs are frequently used in maternity hospitals all over Europe.

Bucket Bath Tub

What features to look at when purchasing baby bath tubs

It can be rather perplexing to compare one baby bath tub with another. Here are a few features that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a baby bath tub.

Amount of water that can be held by the baby bath tub

This might sound frantic but there are some baby bath tubs that do not hold a lot of water and are quite shallow to be honest. The collapsible bath tubs, in particular, are not able to hold enough amount of water but are a decent choice when it comes to seamless portability.

Can the tub be fitted on the sink?

A vast majority of baby bath tubs can be fitted on the sink with ease. This makes it easier to fill the tub up with water and even drain it off. As soon as the bathing time is over, you simply unplug the drain and the tub gets emptied of water.

Some of the baby bath tubs are engineered to fit on a single sink while there are others that can be fitted on double sinks. There are bath tubs that can be configured to fit on both as and when required.

If your baby bath tub is too large in size to fit over your sink, then you will have to choose a smooth flat surface to place the bath tub on. Since a baby bath tub can be rather bulky with water in it, so instead of moving the tub around, it is prudent to place the tub near the water source.

How to drain the water out of the baby bath tub?

Some baby bath tubs boast a plug and a drain that let you empty the bath tub of water by simply unplugging the drain. The drain may be located at the tub’s bottom or on its sides. Most of the drains remove the larger amount of water while some amount is left behind as residue at the bottom. This feature is integrated by the manufacturers themselves since it helps the users to flip the bath tubs over to rinse them properly.

Temperature indicator

There are numerous baby bath tub models available on the market that come fitted with a temperature indicator. This gadget helps you figure out whether the water in the tub is too hot or too cold for the baby. Temperature indicators are available in two different kinds:

  1. Sticker Strip: This kind of temperature indicator resembles a sticker that is color coded. The issue with these gizmos is that they are slow to react to the changes in temperature.
  2. Digital Indicator: This is a digital LCD connected to a temperature indicator that gives you the exact value of the water temperature in the tub.


Baby products accessories can take plenty of space in your house and if your house is too cramped up, storing all these products can be a bit of a hassle. Collapsible baby bath tubs are an efficient solution to the storage issue.

As is evident from the name, the fold up or collapsible bath tubs retract into a fraction of their original size when not being used. This lets you store them easily in drawers and cabinets and are a great choice for travelling.

Non-slip surface

A wet baby can be quite slippery so a bath tub with a non-slip surface can assist you in holding the baby steadily during the washing time.

Rim of the baby bath tub

When purchasing a baby bath tub, there are a couple of features that you need to take into account with respect to its rim:

  • Smoothness: The rim of the bath tub should be smooth in order to prevent the baby’s skin from being scraped when he is placed or taken out of the tub.
  • Overhang: A bath with a rim overhanging the walls is easier to carry when filled with water.

Is the bath tub easy to dry up?

This is typically a neglected feature when buying baby bath tubs. It is necessary that the baby bath tubs dries up quickly to give you an opportunity to wash your baby multiple times every day. If a certain segment of the bath tub remains damp, there is a probability of mold and mildew growing over it which is certainly not what you want.

When looking to buy a perfect bath tub for your baby, keep a look out for areas that can hold water. If you come across a bath tub with an area or material that seems to be holding water all the time and removal of water appears to be complicated, it will be judicious to let go of that model.

Compatible alternatives to baby bath tubs

If you are in the mood to save some bucks or are not attracted to buying baby bath tubs then there is no need to fret over. You can use typical products lying around in your house to wash your little one.

However, keep in mind that you wash all these products before you actually use them for washing your baby.

  • Large bowl: Newborns are very delicate and it takes a lot of care to handle them while giving them a bath. A large mixing bowl is a perfect contraption to give your baby a bath. A bulky bowl is a handy tool to give your baby a bath since it is less likely to tip over.
  • Bucket: A large bucket can also be a safe option for giving your baby a bath as he grows up. These are suitable for babies who have grown enough to be able to hold their heads upright. This leaves you with the task of only scrubbing their bodies with both your hands.
  • Sink: You may use the sink in your bathroom to give your little one a nice cool bath. Since a sink comes with a drink and a continuous flow of fresh water, a sink is nice alternative to a baby bath tub.
  • Laundry basket: A laundry basket with lots of holes is an ideal choice for washing your baby in place of a baby bath tub. After filling a typical bath tub with water, place the laundry basket in it. The water will start flowing inside the basket owing to the holes and you will get a cordoned off area for giving your baby a wash.

To be honest, anything that has the ability to hold water can be used as an alternative to a baby bath tub. Imagination is the name of the game.

Safety precautions

Babies being feeble and delicate are always vulnerable to the risk of drowning even in the shallowest of waters. Therefore it is always important to exercise extreme caution and restraint while giving them a bath and washing them around. Here are a few precautionary measures that you need to keep in mind.

Always keep an eye at your baby

It is mandatory that remain ultra-vigilant while giving your baby a bath and never leave him unattended. Baby bath tubs come with features such as supports and slings to provide support to the babies so that they are kept above the surface of the water. However, there can be no appropriate replacement to your extreme caution and vigilance. You should make sure that you have placed everything required near you while giving your baby a bath. Even if you need something to fetch, take your baby with you.

Place the bath tub on a flat surface

The bath tub should always be placed on a smooth and flat surface in order to prevent it from tipping over or letting it slip away from your reach.

Use wash cloths to clean the baby

Sponges can be a dangerous tool you wiping down your baby since babies tend to get attracted to them and may end up devouring one of them. Even if your baby makes an attempt to taking a nibble at the sponge, there is a likelihood that a few broken pieces of the sponge might create a choking hazard. Sponges also air dry; thereby leading to the growth of microorganisms. Wash cloths on the other hand, do not have this issue and can be cleaned easily through your washing machine.

Do not make an attempt to move the bath tub with your baby inside it

You should never even think of moving your baby bath tub filled with water while your baby is inside it. Even the idea of it seems to be preposterous. If a baby is inside a bath tub filled with and you make an attempt to remove it from one place, there is always a probability of your baby’s head slipping under water or in your baby getting hurt lest you lose grip of the tub and it may fall down.

Before putting your baby inside the bath tub, it is always preferable to place the bath tub at the desired location.

The Wrap Up

I hope that you would have gained much insight into the world of baby bath tubs through this extensive guide. If you use bath tub and have any pertinent questions, do not forget to leave your comment in the comments section below.