It is simply a fantastic experience to listen to your baby crackling laughter as he jumps up and down in his jumper. It is incredible to feel the enjoyment babies undergo while their bodies are in a state of motion.

There are so many baby jumpers available on the market. It becomes a kind of a predicament to decide which one suits your baby the most. In this guide we will bring to you everything you ought to know about baby jumpers and how to choose one for your toddler.

Why buy a baby jumper?

A baby jumper offers a fun activity that provides your baby with an opportunity to use his growing leg muscles. They are actually a seat connected to an elastic strap and the baby sits in this seat; while using his leg muscles to push off the ground. Baby jumpers are an excellent way to keep your toddler hale and hearty in addition to providing their growing bodies the much needed exercise.

A number of parents are of the view that babies tend to sleep better at night and are in favor of using baby jumpers as an efficient means to getting rid of the baby’s excessive energy.

Baby jumpers are known by numerous different names:

  • Johnny jump up
  • Jumperoo
  • Exersaucer

All these products are one and the same thing that let your baby jump up and down and have some fun while doing so.

What age is appropriate for your baby to use a baby jumper?

Most of the parents are of the opinion that if your baby is able to hold his head by himself, then he is ready to use the baby jumper. However, baby jumpers available on the market come with a minimum age, weight and height warning scribbled on the label.

Are baby jumpers beneficial for leg muscles development?

It is nothing but a fallacy that baby muscles assist in the development of your baby’s leg muscles and motor coordination. A large number of experts are of the view that baby jumpers actually delay the baby from walking and only suggest 20 minutes of baby jumper’s use per day.

Having said that, there are always two sides to every story. There are parents who claim that their baby extensively used the baby jumper on daily basis and had no difficulty in learning to walk without any issue all by himself. So, it all boils down to your individual choice as to when you actually want to start using your baby jumper and how frequently you want it to be used.

Difference between jumpers, bouncers and swings

  • Baby jumpers: They make the baby bounce up and down as he pushes his toes off the ground
  • Baby bouncers: The baby bounces in accordance with the wiggly movements in the seat
  • Baby swings: Baby swings move the baby back and forth without requiring the baby to make any movement

Different types of baby jumpers

Here are the different types of baby jumpers that are available on the market:

Stationary Jumper

A stationary jumper comprises a seat, an elastic strap and a frame. These jumpers only allow your baby to bounce up and down.

Stationary Activity Jumper

Activity jumpers comprise a seat, an elastic strap, a frame and a tray filled with different kinds of toys. The toys tend to vary from one brand to another but they are mainly used to offer entertainment to the kid when he gets bored from jumping up and down in the seat.

Doorway Jumper

Doorway jumpers are also known as door jumpers and consist of a seat and an elastic cord that hangs from a bungie like wire. The other end of the elastic cord is connected to a clamp that in turn is attached to the door frame. As the name suggests, these jumpers can only be used on doors.

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a baby jumper

There are tons of different things that you need to keep in mind when buying an ideal baby jumper to keep your baby happy and delighted.

Weight limit

Baby jumpers come in different models with varying weight limits. You need to buy a baby jumper that is in accordance with your baby’s bodily proportions. If you do not abide by the weight limits prescribed for a certain product, the baby jumper may break and get your baby hurt.


Seats are different for different jumpers and here are some of the features to look for:

  • Removable and washable seats
  • Seats with height adjustment features
  • Seats adorned with plush padding for additional comfort


You should avoid purchasing a baby jumper with a single elastic strap since it makes the jumper swing left and right which can be hazardous for your baby. A jumper supported by a couple of elastic cords will serve the purpose and keep your bundle of joy in the right place as he jumps up and down and giggles with joy.


There are some baby jumpers out there that come with height adjustment features. They ensure that your baby is lifted at a safe and comfortable height as he grows up.


A baby jumper is not a product that you will be using constantly. As a matter of fact, you need to find a space somewhere in your home where you can store it once your kid has outgrown it. If you do not have ample space for storing the baby jumper, then you should be looking to buy one that can be disassembled into smaller pieces for easy storage as well as portability.


Activity jumpers, as mentioned above, come with a number of toys to keep your baby entertained. Some of the toys are electronic and may come equipped with attractive sounds and flashy lights while others boast beautiful textures or make a noise as they move.

While purchasing an activity jumper for your toddler, it is judicious to take into account your baby’s playing habits and inclinations. Your baby may take a fancy to toys that squeak or the ones that are soft to touch. An activity jumper with toys that your baby loves playing with would be an excellent choice.

Jumper safety

There are people around us who argue that baby jumpers are not at all safe for kids. However, the fact of the matter is that they are still being sold legitimately on the market and there are parents out there who love to use them for their toddlers. Having said that, there are certain precautionary measures that you need to take in order to ensure optimum safety of your baby:

  • There should not be any sharp or pointy objects lying around on the floor lest the baby may jump on them and get hurt
  • Baby jumpers should not be used near stairs, pools or other potentially dangerous spaces
  • Toys attached to strings can turn out to be strangulation hazards near jumpers
  • Do not use the baby jumper when your baby has outgrown the prescribed weight and height limit
  • Do not leave the baby alone in the room when he is using the baby jumper
  • The jumper should always be placed on a flat and smooth surface
  • When displacing the baby jumper, remove your baby from it

It is plain common logic when it comes to the safety of your baby. I have taken care of numerous babies using baby jumpers without any untoward incident.

Best Stationary Baby Jumpers

If you are acquainted with baby jumpers, then you must be surprised that the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper has not been able to make it to our list. It is one of the most popular jumpers around but it is definitely not the greatest ones out there.

Here are some of the reasons why we were not impressed by the deal offered by Baby Einstein Activity Jumpers:

  • It is not affordable by any stretch of imagination
  • Complex to assemble
  • Requires partial disassembly for storage
  • Springs are not the bounciest around
  • Bulky and not easily portable

There are a few things that are of note in the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper but on the whole there are jumpers that are far better than it.

So, let us not waste any more time and get back to business.

Baby Activity Jumper

Brand: Fisher-Price

  • Equipped with music, sounds and flashy lights
  • Comes with a rotating seat
  • Loaded with adjustable height features
  • Offers easy storage options

There are two different versions of this jungle jumper available on the market and both of them are simply fabulous. This is the jumper that was used by both of my kids and I am happy to confess that it passed through some rigorous testing by the two toddlers during their days. I would happily recommend to all of you.

This is an affordable contraption that comes with a solid steel frame that is foldable and hence allows for easy storage options. The jumper comes with numerous toys for the kids to play around with and get entertained. So, even when your baby gets bored of jumping up and down, the toys are still there to keep him engaged.

The springs integrated in the jumper are good enough to provide the requisite amount of bounce while the jumper comes with three adjustable heights in accordance with your baby’s growing body.

If you are getting interested in purchasing this jumper for your baby but still want more information regarding it, then go through this instruction manual.

Disadvantages: If your baby is shorter in height in contrast to his age, then it might be a bit difficult for the little one to touch the ground.

Best Baby Jumper with Pad

Activity Jumper with Bounce Pad

Brand: Evenflo

  • 58 activities
  • Bounce pad
  • Adjustable height features
  • Detachable and washable pad

The jumper is available in four different variations namely: beach, jungle, zoo and bee. This jumper comes with a distinct bounce pad that lets the toddler use the jumper at any location in the house irrespective of the temperature and the composition of the floor.

Once your baby gets tired of jumping around, the 58 activities are simply way too much to keep your baby well entertained. Some of the toys that come along with the jumper can be detached easily so that your toddler can play around with them during your long car rides or while taking a stroll.

The jumper boasts bright and vibrant colors to attract the babies while the reliable jumping pad ensures that the baby’s feet do not touch the floor’s surface. The jumper is easy to assemble while the colors are gender-neutral so you can use it for boys as well as girls.

Disadvantages: It can be rather complicated for the toddlers to rotate the seat of their own accord.

Best Stationary Jumper

Stationary baby jumper

Brand: Jolly Jumper

  • Solid support for the baby’s back
  • Formidable frame
  • Non-slip feet
  • Easy to assemble

This is a jumper that does not include any of the flashy lights and attractive sounds. If your baby is overstimulated with exceptional ease and you want his excess energy to be burnt, then this jumper is the right one for you. The jumper boasts a supportive solid frame and non-slip feet that provide all the bounce that you may expect from a door jumper without fearing about the clamp slipping.

Since there are no toys integrated in this device, so the baby will only spend time while jumping up and down in this jumper. It is a handy contraption if you have a hyperactive baby and you want to make him sleep by tiring him down.

Disadvantages: It can be complicated to place and remove your baby from the jumper seat.

The best door baby jumpers

The door baby jumpers are low cost in contrast to the stationary baby jumpers. However, there are numerous safety concerns when it comes to door jumpers.

Most popular doorway baby jumper

Doorway baby jumper

Brand: Graco

  • Seat can be removed and washed
  • Easy to position and remove your baby in the seat
  • Adjustable height features
  • Made in USA

If it is a doorway jumper that you are looking for, then your search for the best one has ended with this supreme quality door jumper. This is an exquisite deal and quite a popular one among parents.

The Graco Bumper Jumper comes with a diverse range of features that are generally not included in typical doorway jumpers:

  • The door clamp does not leave marks on the molding
  • The inbuilt toy tray ensures that the baby is able to play with all the toys he fancies while bouncing up and down
  • The jumper comes with a hidden safety strap along with the spring
  • The jumper also includes additional soft toys that can be attached directly to the jumper

You can get your baby in and out of the seat with exceptional ease and this is one of the reasons that this jumper has been able to gain the top spot on our coveted list. The cord is non-twist in nature which is separated by a dome made of plastic and hence all the process is rendered as easy as you can imagine. Moreover, the adjustable height features make it a crowd favorite.

Best themed doorway baby jumper

Cozy Coupe

Brand: Little Tikes

  • Attractive shape
  • Comes with car sounds
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adjustable height features

Your baby will certainly be struck with a pleasant surprise when he gets his own car in the form of this remarkable doorway baby jumper. We all know that babies love to mimic what their parents do and the Cozy Coupe makes use of a steering and car sounds to furnish a fantastic driving experience that your toddler will adore.

The steering wheel and the dashboard can be removed as and when required so your baby may keep on playing even when he is out of the baby jumper.

The seat is easy to clean and maintain and can be an excellent gift for your dear ones.

Third Place

Cheap baby door jumper

Brand: Evenflo

  • Solid design
  • Easy to set up
  • Framed padded seat
  • Adjustable height features

It is one of the most affordable baby jumpers you will come across. Yet it is one of the best around. It is available in seven different colors and material styles. The seat is framed and accommodates your baby safely while providing a fantastic jumping experience. The jumper is remarkably easy to clean.

Door jumper safety concerns

As discussed in the beginning, there are certain risks associated with door jumpers that should be taken into account. These can be avoided easily using plain common logic.


The door frame is not at all a child friendly contraption. As a matter of fact, it is quite antithetical to the concept of baby friendliness owing to the hard, angular and wooden composition. There is no way that you would any part of your toddler’s feeble body to come into contact with the molding with a thump. The baby jumper, however, encourages exactly this scenario.

The benefit that you get from baby jumpers is that they provide support to the toddler just before his walking days. They provide him the platform that he can use to stretch out his legs and give them some exercise. At this point in time, the baby is highly uncoordinated. Such a door baby jumper runs the risk of potentially propelling the baby into the doorway while he is vigorously jumping up and down. There are some door jumpers that come with a rubber tray wrapping around the toddler. Having said that, these rubber trays are much better for protecting your door moldings than your kid who may, in any moment of frenzy, stretch out his arms or head past the obstacle.

Clamp Slipping

There is always a risk of the clamp that connects the jumper to the door frame of slipping or breaking. This could end up in a serious catastrophe. A number of reasons can lead to such a horrific scenario:

  • The toddler gets too excited and starts bouncing up and down in a frenzy
  • The clamp breaks completely
  • The clamp was not installed properly
  • A defective clamp
  • A molding size that is inappropriate

There have been several unfortunate incidents where a baby was hurt owing to a completely broken clamp. This is not a situation that any mother would like to get into.

Doorway use

A molding is needed for a doorway jumper on the door. This implies that if you are to move to the next room, you will either have to get the baby out of the jumper or just squeeze past your baby in the jumper which can be a bit of a hassle.

If you have a large pet such as a dog, then you need to exercise extreme caution in this regard. Your pet may not attempt to squeeze past the jumper rather it may run through the baby; sending the baby tumbling down the doorway or making the jumper to collapse completely.

The Wrap Up

I hope that you must have gained lots of insight into the different kinds of jumpers that are available on the market and the risks associated with them. Are you planning to use a baby jumper or own one? Let us know through your comments in the comments section below.