baby burp cloths

Burp cloths are an absolute essential for newborn babies. Babies tend to create plenty of mess particularly during the feeding sessions so it becomes imperative that you have something in your vicinity to clean the mess up. Decent burp cloths protect your clothes and baby’s dress from stains and also prevent you from changing the baby’s clothing again and again if you are able to avoid the mess from making them dirty.

There are plenty of burp clothes available on the market. While some are traditional, there are others that beautifully designed and adorned with attractive embroidery.

Some burp clothes are even decorated with flamboyant features and versatile shapes to lure parents into purchasing stuff for their babies that looks fancy. The prices are not constant since you can get a burp cloth worth a few bucks to a single cloth worth quite more. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing burp clothes for your baby.

The Larger, the Better?

Babies are small in size and so is their wardrobe. However, you would want your baby’s burp cloth to be as large as possible. Babies won’t spit at the same spot again and again so it is always a great idea to have a burp cloth large enough to cover as much of your baby’s dress as possible. Baby spit ups tend to be runny so it is highly likely to run down from the small sized cloth onto the wardrobe; thereby spoiling the dress and forcing you to change them and also wash the small sized burp cloth.

Small burp clothes will only make your job harder by enhancing the amount of laundry that you have to do away with. It is advisable to use a large sized cloth that can be folded with ease if you need it to be smaller in size rather than having an already small sized cloth.

Material Matters!

You will be able to get your hands on burp clothes made of a wide array of fabrics and decorated with tons of designs and features. The ideal burp cloth absorbs fluids and efficiently soaks up messes. A fabric boasting a slight amount of texture is an excellent choice since the texture tends to get hold of the spit up before it is able to run down the length of the burp cloth onto the baby’s apparel.

Some ideal alternatives in this regard include terry cloth, minky fleece, cotton muslin, chenille and flannel. Ensure that the embroidery or embellishments do not comprise non-absorbant constituents. Those materials will seem to be quite attractive before the baby starts drooling and spitting up but if a lot of mess is created, they are nothing but useless.

Washing the Burp Cloth

You might be surprised to learn that there are burp clothes on the market that need special washing procedures or cannot withstand the rigors of conventional washing. If your baby tends to spit up a lot, you will have to change and wash plenty of burp clothes on daily basis. Solid, formidable and simple materials are the best when it comes to baby laundry. Different cotton knits or weaves are good for easy washing. They even tend to get softer the more they you wash them! Ensure that the embellishments are easy to wipe clean and can withstand the harshness of washing. An expensive burp cloth with a gorgeous bow is not at all judicious. Especially if the bow gets detached after a few washes.

Extra Features You Should Look for in Burp Cloths

Majority of the burp clothes are nothing but burp clothes. There are other burp clothes that can be used for multiple purposes. That’s because their additional features add to the prices. Some come with a pocket or an especially shaped area to catch the spit up before it runs down onto the baby’s wardrobe.

Some come with snaps or fasteners that let the burp cloth to be used as a bib. Others can be placed easily over your shoulder or under the little one’s chin. It all boils down to your individual preference. You may intend to purchase a conventional burp cloth or an ergonomically designed one adorned with additional features.

The Price IS the Key

You should begin with six burp clothes. However, if your baby tends to spit up quite often, you may even think of purchasing more. If you are hampered by budgetary constraints, there are plenty of affordable and effective alternative compatible products available. Pre-fold cloth diapers are a popular product in this regard. Once you have wiped off the baby barf, those pre-fold diapers can be recycled into cleaning rags for accomplishing household chores. Or you can purchase more expensive burp clothes that are made of high quality luxurious fabrics and decorated with fabulous trims and personalized patterns.

Here are the 6 best burp cloths for your baby that will help you make an appropriate choice for your baby.

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