The Price is Right Baby Shower Game

Baby Shower Jeopardy

Most of us in the United States, and even some people in other countries, who have access to a television, or the internet, have watched the game of Jeopardy. It’s a fun game to watch, and the contestants who appear on the show, often win lots of money. The main factor that made this game popular, is the way in which the questions are answered, or should we say, in which the answers are questioned. Pregnant women have ran out of ideas for baby shower games, and it has become popular to incorporate this game of jeopardy, into their baby shower games, and call it “Baby Shower Jeopardy“, with topics that only a mother, or someone getting ready to become a mom, would be able to answer. In this article we will discuss how a “mom-to-be” event, can become more fun by playing jeopardy with categories for pregnant mothers, first, with an introduction to the real game, as seen on television.

Regular Jeopardy

The definition of the word “Jeopardy”, as described by, is, “danger of loss, harm, or failure”. It suits the television show, because, although the contestants don’t lose anything by playing, they risk not winning, and in fact, failure.

The show was created by Merv Griffin with its debut in 1964. It has had a great run with more than four decades, and thousands of contestors on the show, and in 2011, IBM’s “Watson”, an artifial intelligence algorithm, was able to beat humans at this marvelous game.

During the game, the contestants each stand behind a podium, in which they showcase their name and push on a button when getting ready to answer. Across from them, and next to the host of the show, stands a large, blue screen, with six different cetegories and five answers, with their designated dollar value. The categories can be anything, from “The Dinosaurs”, to “Belgium”. Contestants take turns selecting a category and a dollar value. The host then gives the answer behind the contestant’s selection, and the contestant must answer in the following format: “what is…?”.

For example, a round of Jeopardy goes like this;

Host: “First contestant, it’s your turn.”
First Contestant: “Host, I will take “The Dinosaurs” for $400.”
Host: “This prehistoric mammal was the terror of the land, with it’s short arms, people have made countless memes on the internet.”
First Contestant: “What is a Tyrannosaurus Rex?”
Host: “You are correct”

The game then goes on, and the contestant continues to choose and collect money, displaying it on his podium, until he or she gets a wrong answer. If this happens, the other contestants can hit their button and answer, and if they get it right, they then have the option to choose categories and dollar values. There’s also a round in which there is a “daily-double”, and if the contestant gets the answer correct, the value they selected doubles.

Finally, in the “Final Jeopardy Round” there’s only one clue left, and the contestants each wager a dollar value from the money they have accumulated. If they answer correctly, they double their money, and walk away with this as profit.

Baby Shower Jeopardy

In the previous section we gave a brief overview of how the Jeopardy game is played. But how does one host a baby shower, and play “Baby Shower Jeopardy”?

It’s simple. First of course, you will have to re-create the Jeopardy board with your designated categories, which must all be baby related. Nowadays, you can find the actual game on the internet, but for this game you will have to be a good DIY mom and make a new one from scratch. After all, an event like this is preparation for the next eighteen years of a mom’s life. To make your Jeopardy game, you will need

  • A large white board or pre-made grid
  • A large ruler
  • Markers (Sharpie for the grid, erasable for the whiteboard)
  • Large post it notes
  • An envelope (for final Jeopardy)

With the ruler, make your 6 by 5 category and dollar value grid. You can make the categories, for example, baby food, diaper bag items, children’s cartoons, famous babies, etc. On the back of the card you will write the question to your answers for the contestants to guess. Write the dollar value on the front of the sticky note and place it in their respective order, with the lower values being the easier questions.

The envelope will hold the final Jeopardy clue which can be something weird or extravagant such as, “During Pregnancy”. Make it interesting. Now you’re ready to play the game at your baby shower.

In the real television show, there are typically three contestants and a crowd. Because you are being the host of the baby shower, you can be the host of the game as well, but we advise that you have someone who has already been a mom, or a group of moms, come up with the answers, and have women who haven’t been moms, and yourself, as the contestants. This will make it fair and fun for the people in attendance. Instead of money, you can have the winner win a set of tickets to a movie or a nice paid dinner table at a family restaurant.


In conclusion, this article explained a new game to be incorporated into baby showers. In the second section of the article we gave a brief description of the actual game as it is played on television, to give new readers who may have never played the game an idea of how it has been played for more than forty years. In the third section of the article, we gave instructions as to how to go about creating your own Jeopardy game, with items you may already have, or can easily purchase at a store like Staples or Michael’s. It only takes a bit of time, and a little knowledge of babies and what’s involved in raising one, to be able to create some categories. Like we mentioned, it may be best if the woman that’s about to have the baby, is a contestant that has no clue what the categories will be, but knows they are related to babies. This will test her knowledge and will be fun for everyone. Whether it is you who is having a baby, or you are looking for games to surprise someone you know who is, we hope this article helps, and have fun.