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Tinkle in the Pot Baby Shower Game

It won’t be long until your friend welcomes her brand-new bundle of joy, so before the day comes, you and a couple friends have decided to throw her a baby shower. Now, with this being her first baby you want it to be special, so you will want to provide her with all the best food, fun, games, and laughs you can, because, after all, once the baby comes, she won’t have much time for fun and games.

You are the one who is in charge of planning the games, but you might not be sure which ones or how many to choose. One of the must-have games of the day should be the Tinkle in the Pot Baby Shower Game.

How to Play

Two guests at a time will compete to see who can get the most out of three ping pong balls in the jar within a minute.

What You Will Need

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Set Up

  • Blow up balloons and have each guest put one under their shirts (except the mom-to-be because she has her own built-in balloon under her shirt)
  • Use the masking tape to separate two sides
  • Place a mason jar at the end of each side

How to Play

Two guests at a time will begin the game by standing on either side of the masking tape. Once they have the balloon secured under their shirts they should each be provided with three ping pong balls. They will each start by placing one ball between their knees. Once the timer is set for one-minute they will each race to the mason jar at the end of the line with the ball between their knees, keeping the balloon tucked under their shirt (it isn’t as easy as it sounds). Once they get to the jar they will need to squat and put the ball successfully into the jar without using their hands. If they can get the ball into the jar they must then go back to the beginning and start again with another ball and continue until they get all the balls into the jar. The first person to get all three balls into the jar will win the game. If nobody can get all three balls into the jar before the time is up, then the person who gets the most in will win the round. Play continues until all the guests have had a turn.

Additional Tips

  • Just like any game, you can tweak the Tinkle in the Pot Baby Shower Game so that it will work for your group. Some people have played the game allowing everyone to have a turn at the same time. That will depend on the number of guests you have, and the time allowed for games.
  • Keep in mind that you will need a prize for each winner, so the more rounds you play, the more winners you will have.
  • Using jars and ping pong balls make the game a challenge, but you can also use buckets and tennis balls or quarters and plastic cups if you prefer.
  • This game works best when hosting an outdoor baby shower, or one that is held in a large hall.

Now that you know you will play the Tinkle in the Pot Baby Shower Game, you will have one less game to worry about.