nursing cover
nursing cover

While a mommy is breastfeeding, it does not seem like a practical option to go look out for an empty room to feed your infant whenever he is hungry. Quite often, mothers have to breastfeed their baby in public or in family get-togethers and there is no shame in that at all. All cultural or social barriers should be thwarted in an attempt to nourish human life.

Having said that, we do not mean at all that mothers start portraying their breasts to the general public simply in an effort to feed their infant. This is exactly where the nursing covers come to the rescue and help keep your business as private as possible while your little bundle of joy gets treated to the most nutritious diet on the surface of the earth.

Nursing Covers

Nursing covers are nothing but fabric apparel that are designed to cover your breasts while you are feeding your baby or pumping breastmilk in public.

You can have such wardrobe which is as simple as it can get so that minimal attention is drawn from the public but believe us, your wailing child will do that job for you regardless of the appearance of your nursing covers. However, if you are interested in getting some wardrobe that is trendy looking and will make your appear glamorous, then there are such products available on the market as well.

Are they important?

If you are planning to breastfeed your baby, you might be trying to make up your mind not to care about people taking a glimpse of your fun bags. However, to be honest, carrying it out in the public without even thinking about it is a whole different ordeal.

You could be caught napping to have people stare at you in a hostile manner as you breastfeed your infant in the restaurant despite the fact that you are not committing any felony here.

Remember that it is always judicious to purchase a nice nursing cover even if you are still wondering whether you will be needing one or not. Whenever you will need one, you will wish that it were near you and you will be needing it particularly if you have large sized twin towers since you will be offering quite a spectacle for the onlookers.

While breastfeeding, mothers have to deal with the dilemma of either to display their breasts or let their baby cry out loud. Having said that, both these scenarios are unacceptable for a few mommies out there.

If you are comfortable with breastfeeding your infant even if you have to flash your breasts in the public, well, then go ahead! But there are numerous mothers out there who do not have the courage to put on a spectacle of their fun bags whether they are with friends or among a bunch of strangers. They are not at all comfortable while breastfeeding in public. They do not want a junior high boy blush in the middle of a restaurant just because they are not able to put on an appropriate apparel to prevent their knockers from being seen.

A mother might consider breastfeeding her baby a divine thing but to a teenage boy, it can be nothing but embarrassing. Mothers should always try to consider the feelings of other people surrounding them while breastfeeding their infant and particularly if there are kids around. Such sensitive mommies who care for the feelings of people in their surroundings should make use of nursing covers.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make whether you want to breastfeed your bundle of joy without covering your twin towers or you are willing to cover them up with nursing covers. Both are acceptable practices and there is no shame in any of them.

Types of nursing covers

There is a wide variety of nursing covers available on the market so you won’t have to fret over the fact that you were unable to find the style of your choice. Ensure that you purchase a nursing cover that is in accordance with your lifestyle and your needs.

There are three main types of nursing covers:

  • Apron Style: Conventional aprons have been in use for decades simply because of their ease of use and their effectiveness in accomplishing what they are designed to do. So, the easiest choice for a designer is to go for the apron style when it comes to nursing covers. The strap is placed behind your neck just as is the case with a typical apron. This is a great style when you want to keep an eye at your infant while he is being fed and ensuring that he gets sufficient air. The only drawback associated with this style is that there is not enough of a cover over your knockers and if your baby tugs hard at the apron, your breasts could create quite a spectacle.
  • Infinity style: This style is the leading and most disguising design in the world of nursing covers. It serves the dual purpose of an infinity scarf and a nursing cover. This option lets you cover your boobs with its light and breathable material. However, mothers are not able to keep an eye at their feeding baby with such a design.
  • Ponchos: Ponchos made a name for themselves in the 70s and they are back in business when it comes to nursing covers. If you are too concerned about not putting on a display of your boobs, then poncho is the way to go. It will help you cover up everything meticulously and your baby will not be able to remove it as well. However, take care that you do not purchase a typical poncho since the material can be too thick and bulky for the baby to breathe.

Things to look for in a nursing cover

Purchasing a nursing cover is not all that difficult. You need to commit some serious mistakes to mess things up here. All you need to do is to find out the covers that are in accordance of your simple needs.

The nursing covers should be able to keep your breasts hidden from the rest of the world. It is important that you find a nursing cover that is able to accomplish this task. You do not want any part of your uncovered that will make you feel embarrassed. You should concentrate on feeding your baby rather than worrying about your breasts being visible to the people around.

How many are needed?

If you are someone who is not in the habit of misplacing things and do not breastfeed in the public all that often, then a single nursing cover could do the job well. However, if you are one of those busy mommies who have to fight against the odds to keep their things and schedules organized, then you could do well with a couple of nursing covers.

If you are concerned about the fashion aspect, having a couple of nursing covers with different designs should not really hurt – one with a lighter shade and the other with a darker one to suit all your apparel.

Keep in mind that if you are a resident of a region with unreliable weather, a thinner nursing cover for the summers and a thicker one for the winters is what you should be looking to get your hands on.

Nursing cover reviews

Now, you are familiar with the different styles of nursing covers, things to look for and whether you will be needing one or not. Let us take a look at the top nursing covers available on the market.

1 – Kiddo Care Nursing Cover

We regard it as the best multipurpose nursing cover since it will come into your use in other capacities after you are done feeding your infant. It is a versatile cover as it also serves the purpose of a baby car seat cover to block wind or bright light. It can also be used on shopping carts to ensure that your infant’s hands are kept clean or you may as well use it as a scarf.

The Kiddo Care Nursing Cover is made out of rayon and polyester and can be stretched without it losing its elasticity which makes it easy to put on and take off. When it comes to its purpose of being a nursing cover, it is large enough to protect your knockers from being visible. It is made from material thin enough to be used for hotter summers as it won’t make the baby feel too hot in those sweaty months.

The fabric is breathable so the baby will have no issues with breathing under its cover. The Kiddo Care Nursing Cover comes with a matching bag that you can use to keep it safe and clean when not in use.


  • The material is soft and wont’ scathe your infant’s delicate skin
  • Multipurpose nursing cover
  • Plenty of room for the baby to be fed with ease


  • Some mothers have had issues with it snagging owing to its thin material
  • The nursing cover is not thick enough to be used in winters unless you are indoors

2 – Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover

This is the best nursing cover for twins since it is easy to manage and is large in size to accommodate your twins. It ensures that your infants have sufficient room to breathe easily since it can get a bit congested in there with a couple of babies feeding on your boobies. The cover comes with its Rigiflec neckline which ensures that the cover retains its bowed shape even when you are wearing it. The shape ensures that the cover stays clear of your skin just above your knockers which let your babies breathe with ease while you keep an eye on both of them.

The rigid neckline does not hinder it from being folded when not in use. The Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover comes with a matching carry pouch that can be used to store it when not in use. The covers are large enough to hide your boobs even while you are feeding both your twins simultaneously. In addition, the Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover comes with an adjustable neck strap to make life easier for you.


  • The nursing cover comes with a couple of pockets to keep things such as breast pads that can be used once you are done with feeding your infants
  • It is machine washable
  • Large enough to cover twins
  • Made of breathable cotton and ideal for summers
  • The carrying pouch fits in easily in diaper bag
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not available in solid colors – only in patterns
  • You will have to adjust the neck strap to your liking

3 – Bebe Au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover

The Bebe Au Lait Premium Muslin Nursing Cover is an ideal nursing cover for summers since when it is hot outside, you do not want to cover your baby inside a thick fabric. A light, airy fabric that lets the air circulate nicely is what you should be looking for and this is exactly what you get with this phenomenal nursing cover. It is soft and light and will make mothers feel comfortable.

It is sported by a Rigiflex neckline that ensures that the fabric stays clear of your skin and upper chest so that your baby can breathe easily while you can keep an eye at him. The neckline comes with an interlocking cap system to ensure that no sharp boning material comes out through the ends.

The nursing cover comes with a neck strap to help keep it in place even if your infant tugs or twitches at it. It can also be used as a changing mat or blanket for the baby and in summers, you can use it over the baby’s stroller as a shade. Moreover, it is machine washable safe.


  • It is 36 inches wide and lets you keep an eye at your bundle of joy
  • Can be stuffed in easily inside your diaper bag
  • Ideal for summers


  • Slightly expensive
  • Gets wrinkled easily

4 – Duckery Kid Full Cover Nursing Poncho

While pumping breastmilk in the public, you should avoid using the infinity scarf type nursing cover since it is not able to cover your breasts with the pump out there. A poncho style cover is what you should be looking for regardless of the weight of the fabric since there is no baby in there.

The Duckery Kid Full Cover Nursing Poncho is an ideal choice for pumping as it completely covers you from front to back while you pump milk in the public. It is made from breathable fabric that keeps you cool while pumping and feels soft on your skin. Even if you have sensitive skin, it won’t irritate you.

It is available in solid colors which is appropriate for a few mothers who prefer them to covers with patterns as they do not go along with a large number of their wardrobe. It can be used with both formal and casual clothing.

The Duckery Kid Full Cover Nursing Poncho is available in one size fits all style and is machine washable safe. It can dried in the drier on low as well as air dried if you want.


  • It can be used as a blanket as well
  • It boasts a trendy look which makes it fit to be used even when you are not pumping milk
  • It is appropriate for older babies who tug and twitch at lighter fabrics. It remains in its place
  • It is great for colder climes as well


  • Mothers cannot make an eye contact with this nursing cover
  • It is slightly more expensive in contrast to the other covers

5 – Udder Covers Nursing Cover

A nursing cover can become hard to find for plus size mothers. The Udder Covers Nursing Cover is our pick for the best plus size nursing cover. It is 32 inches wide and 24 inches long and makes use of stainless steel d-rings that let you adjust the neckline to get the appropriate fit and degree of modesty that you prefer.

It comes with a rigid neckline that is shaped away from your skin and upper chest area and gives ample space to the baby to breathe in easily while you keep an eye contact with him.

It is made from 100% cotton and is light enough which makes it fairly breathable. It is a good choice for both summers and winters while the non-creasing fabric makes it look clean and ironed. It can be stuffed in your diaper bag with ease.

The Udder Covers Nursing Cover is available in eight different styles encompassing bright patterns as well as the subtler ones. It is a great choice for mothers whether they want to blend in the crowed or stand out in it.


  • Reasonable priced
  • Can be folded into a compact size for easy storage in the diaper bag
  • Large enough for taller mothers


  • Reports of the fabric shrinking after being washed
  • Does not come with a matching carrying pouch

6 – Kids ‘N Such Arrow Nursing Apron

Nursing aprons are a great choice for mothers who are looking for complete coverage as well as uninterrupted flow of air for their feeding babies. They keep a mother’s modesty intact and are very easy to use. The Kids ‘N Such Arrow Nursing Apron is out pick in this category which is reasonably priced, trendy and comes in a neutral color that will suit different apparel.

It comes with a sewn-in burp cloth that assists mothers in transitioning their infant from feeding to burping. Made from breathable fabric, the Kids ‘N Such Arrow Nursing Apron allows circulation of air while the rigid neckline ensures that you are able to maintain an eye contact with your bundle of joy.

The Kids ‘N Such Arrow Nursing Apron comes with a carry pouch which helps you to store it and keeps it clean and safe. It can be stuffed in the diaper bag with ease.


  • Neck strap is adjustable
  • Full coverage is guaranteed
  • Machine washable safe


  • Not suitable for summers
  • Size is appropriate for most of the women. However, plus sized women might look for a larger option

7 – Sprout ‘N Smiles Nursing Cover

Breastfeeding can be particularly challenging in airplanes. You cannot go to the washroom to breastfeed your infant rather you will have to stay in your seat. So, you need a lot of coverage to prevent prying eyes catching a glimpse of breasts.

The Sprout ‘N Smiles Nursing Cover offers omnidirectional coverage and is a versatile product. It can be used as a baby seat cover or a high chair cover. You can also put it on the shopping cart to prevent your baby from getting his hands dirty and it can also be used as a shade for your infant’s stroller out in the sun. In addition, you may as well use it as a blanket.

The Sprout ‘N Smiles Nursing Cover is made of breathable fabric so it lets sufficient air in. It is machine washable safe and holds itself together after multiple washes.


  • It is multipurpose nursing cover
  • Comes bundled with a drawstring storage bag
  • The fabric is really soft


  • It comes in only one color with polka dots
  • Might not be suitable for summers owing to its dark color

8 – Bozeman Baby Company Nursing Scarf

In addition to being stylish, nursing scarves come in extremely handy when breastfeeding in public. It provides so much cover that no one is able to recognize what is being carried out under that scarf until they see it in action. You simply have to unloop the scarf when it is time to breastfeed your bundle of joy and you’ll be ready.

Generally, mothers tend to have qualms regarding the extent to which a nursing scarf is see through. However, the Bozeman Baby Company Nursing Scarf comes with a double layer that makes it less transparent in contrast to its competitors.

It can look both trendy as well as old fashioned depending upon your dressing style. It might not appear to provide a lot of cover but in reality it covers your entire front, back and sides from the prying eyes.

The fabric is soft so the mother and the baby both will feel comfortable which is a pretty cool feature since babies tend to have sensitive skins more often than not. The scarf is machine washable so you do not have to worry about it getting dirty. Similarly, there is no need to wash it with hands.


  • Available in 28 colors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Serve the purpose of a blanket for your infant


  • Might not provide enough coverage for plus size women
  • Reports of an unpleasant odor coming out from the scarf

9 – Anikea Shawl Nursing Cover

If you are super concerned about the coverage while breastfeeding your bundle of joy in public, then the Anikea Shawl Nursing Cover is the way to go. If guarantees privacy and you will not have to be nervous about being ogled by the prying eyes.

It is a multipurpose nursing cover that can be used as a trendy wrap, an infant blanket, a burp cloth or even as a scarf. You can even keep using it for a long time even after your breastfeeding days are done and dusted.

It is extremely large in size and provides omnidirectional coverage that will guarantee you privacy in a room crowded with people. The nursing cover is made from 100% cotton cover that is soft and gentle to the skin of the baby as well as to the mother and its lightweight means that it is an ideal product for summers. The cloth is breathable however, it does not mean that it is see-through.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the nursing cover getting out of its place since it stays in its place with ease.


  • It is lightweight and small in size so you can stuff it inside your bag
  • It remains soft even after being washed
  • It is a multipurpose cover


  • It is available in a single color which is neutral so may as well suit different dressing
  • Slightly on the expensive side

10 – Genovega Bamboo 360-degree Nursing Cover

Ponchos can be a great solution to you if you are looking to breastfeed your baby in public. They are spacious and airy which makes them ideal for all seasons. They let you maintain an eye contact with your infant at all times while he feeds. The Genovega Bamboo 360-degree Nursing Cover guarantees ultimate privacy while you are breastfeeding your little bundle of joy.

What really distinguishes this nursing cover from the rest of the pack is that your arms go right through the arm holes which exterminates the conspicuous reach-around stuff that mothers have to do while putting on these covers.

If the reach-around is not carried out well in an attempt to get something out of the diaper bag or anything else, there is always a risk of the cover being removed. This nursing cover lets them reach out for anything and it will stay in its position while providing necessary coverage.

By doing a knot at the side, you can make this poncho cover more fashionable which lets you gather up the fabric when you are not breastfeeding.


  • Available in 27 colors so you have plenty of options to go with your wardrobe
  • You can use it as a stroller shade during the hot summer days
  • It is suitable even for plus size women


  • It cannot be dried in a drier
  • It is placed slightly on the higher side of the price spectrum

Our Pick for the Best Nursing Cover

Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover is our pick for the best nursing cover. The Rigiflex neckline is instrumental in letting the optimal circulation of air under the cover so that the baby can remain comfortable and breathe easily. In addition, it also helps mothers maintain eye contact with their baby while breastfeeding.

It comes with a carrying pouch and it roomy enough to be used for your twins. It comes with a couple of pockets that let moms keep things such as their breast pads which is a pretty cool feature when the breastfeeding session is over.