Left Right Baby Shower Game

Baby Shower Games

If you are hosting a baby shower this season, you may find yourself searching Pinterest or other on-line sites looking for new and fun baby shower games. A baby shower is designed to shower the new mother with love (and gifts) that will help her when she comes home with her new baby. A mix of practical presents (e.g., diapers, onesies, bottles) mixed with fun and funky decorative presents (e.g., that designer blanket). While the center of attention is the mother (and her growing belly), hosting a baby shower that keeps guests engaged relies on baby shower games.

Left Right Baby Shower Game

A favorite is the left right baby shower game. If you haven’t been at a baby shower recently, then you might not be familiar with the left right baby shower game. The baby shower participants sit in a circle and a present (party favor) starts in the hands of one or more people. In the game the hostess reads a story out loud to the group. The story includes characters (Mr. Right and Ms. Right) and each time the group hears the words “right” or “left” the person holding the present passes the present in that direction. At the end of the story, the guest with the present. It is a simple, quick, fun game that even the most “anti-shower” gals will enjoy.

Other Classic and New Baby Shower Games

There are many other fun baby shower games that will keep the guest entertained, the new mom excited, and are easy to plan. With a cute print out of a baby and pacifier stickers, you can play “Pin the Pacifier on the Baby” – made even more fun with mimosas! To get the new mom ready to do laundry, you can play a quick game of “pair the baby socks” and see who can sort a pile of baby socks to find matching pairs the fastest. Use playdough for an art competition – who can sculpt the best baby? There are always classic games (guessing the width of the mom’s belly or changing the diaper blindfolded). New favorites rely on your ability to be clever and use your intelligence – can you name the baby animal? Other games are more active – like pacing the pacified using straws down a relay line, or a fun bingo game board, asking people to do common tasks (drinking a drink out of a bottle, singing a lullaby, etc.).

No matter the theme of your unique party, you can find great baby shower games that will make the shower unforgettable for the guests and new mom alike.