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There’s an ongoing debate among sociologists, anthropologists, and other social scientists whether we still live in the Information Age. Some of them claim that we have moved on to the age of innovation, or experience, or whatever. I don’t want to make a serious contribution to this topic, but if you ask me, we live in the ‘Smart Age’. It has all started with smartphones, but now we have smart cars, smart houses, smart heating systems, refrigerators, irons, and so on. Even though the word “smart” is a little bit overused, all these devices make our lives easier. With our smartphones we can remotely control the heat in our houses, we can feed our pets, we can brew coffee, or we can monitor our babies. 

Well, when it comes to babies I wouldn’t really recommend remote monitoring unless it means from the other room or from your backyard. Anyway, my point is that a baby monitor has become one of these “smart” devices that can perform all kinds of tricks. Today, I will talk about Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor to find out if it’s really smart.

Do You Need a Baby Monitor

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Some time ago, I read that baby monitors are meant for worried parents. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t know any other kind. It is in our nature to worry about children, not to mention babies. It doesn’t mean that we should be overprotective, but it’s impossible not to worry. When it comes to baby monitors, I’ll be honest. They aren’t a necessity. After all, so many parents around the world raise their babies just fine, without these fancy and somewhat expensive gadgets. If you’re wondering is it worth it to have a baby monitor, ask yourself a question: how much you value your peace of mind?

Young parents, especially breastfeeding mothers have a hard time leaving their baby alone even for a couple of minutes. Simple things like eating, personal hygiene, or house chores can become daunting and anxious missions all of a sudden. Baby video monitor becomes a lifesaver. You can do things around your house and keep tabs on your baby. Just this basic function is enough to make you feel more relaxed and happy. With many other common features such as cry detection, data history, event recording, and intelligent alerts, it’s easy to understand that baby monitors offer tremendous help to parents. If you buy one, chances are you will use it for a long time to monitor your toddler while you’re in another room doing something or just resting and relaxing.

Lollipop Baby Monitor Features

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is a stylish and easy to use baby monitor. It comes with a mobile app that allows you to monitor your baby on your smartphone or tablet. The device doesn’t have a separate display, so you have to use it with a smartphone or tablet. It pairs with your smartphone via WiFi. Apart from beautiful design, the first thing that catches the eye is a flexible tail. It allows you to set up Lollipop wherever you want it. You can attach it to the crib or wall, or just stand it up on any flat surface. 

Live view is a basic feature of Lollipop Baby Monitor. It works great and the image is amazingly sharp and clear. Infrared night vision has two different modes and the quality of the video is excellent. The camera automatically switches between modes depending on how much light is available, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Cry detection is a nice feature. Lollipop can tell the difference between crying and ambient noise. Well, most of the time. You can set up the sensitivity level to prevent false alerts. Anyway, you will receive a notification as soon as your baby cries. 

When a crying event occurs, the Lollipop will record a 30-second video. So, you can review all alerts for 7 days period. There’s also a data history function to help you figure out patterns and timelines of events.

And how about cross detection? You can set the boundaries on your camera view for even more control. You’ll be notified as soon as something happens outside the border. This is useful if your baby’s leg gets stuck in the crib bars.

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Things We Like

Video and audio quality. Both video and audio modes provide outstanding quality. The picture is very crisp and clear so you can easily notice the slightest movement. 

Recording function and data history. When you get a crying alert you will probably run to soothe your baby. Having an opportunity to review the event afterward is great. The event history can help you figure out when or even why events occur most commonly.

Private mode. There’s also an option to keep your WiFi connection private. 

Multiple camera support. You can use up to 4 cameras with the same app.

Music and white noise. The built-in sound machine offers a playlist that includes classical music and some of the most popular white noise such as vacuum cleaner or hairdryer.

Things We Don’t Like As Much

Truth be told, there isn’t much not to like about Lollipop. Sure, there are baby monitors with a greater variety of features, but they are much more expensive. If I really want to be finicky, this is where I find some room for improvement.

WiFi connectivity. WiFi antenna seems to be modest, so if your WiFi connection isn’t strong, the app might disconnect quite often. You will be notified if this happens, though.

No independent display. Some users thought it would be better if there was an additional screen, so they don’t have to keep the app running all the time. However, even if your app is closed, Lollipop will send you notifications if anything happens.

No heat and humidity sensors. Some baby monitors can track room temperature and humidity. Lollipop can’t, but you can pair it with the Lollipop sensor that will provide data on temperature, humidity, and air quality levels.

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Final Thoughts

It’s really difficult to pass judgment on the Lollipop Baby Monitor, because it really depends on your needs and desires. However, I have no doubt that Lollipop is an excellent value for money. It offers some nice advanced features while basic video and audio quality is outstanding. Most users were very generous rating this device. Some of them did have a couple of issues, but all of them were about connectivity.

So, you will need a strong home WiFi connection to fully enjoy the benefits of Lollipop baby monitor. The customer support is also excellent providing fast help if you need it.