girl holding a mustache for a baby shower party

A mustache and bow tie baby shower theme is one of those classical themes that never go out of fashion. So, if you are planning a baby shower party and you know that the baby is a boy, you can’t go wrong with this theme. Ideas for baby showers change over time. Some of them are becoming more popular while others go out of style. However, the mustache and bow tie baby shower theme has some appeal that keeps it popular.

I can’t really figure it out but there’s something about men and mustache. There was a time when all gentlemen had mustaches. Throughout human history, the furry lip was either popular or ridiculed. But, it kept coming back, time after time. A mustache has always been a sort of symbol but the meaning was changing through different epochs. At times it was a symbol of liberal, individual, and artistic or scientific character (think of Einstein, Tesla, Salvador Dali or Freddie Mercury). At some other times, it symbolized conservatism and belonging to a group, such as military or police forces.

But, when it comes to baby shower parties it carries a whole different message. Just imagine it: a little boy with a fake mustache and bow tie. It is absolutely hilarious and adorably cute at the same time. A combination of stiff, formal, and dignified style and innocent, joyful, and playful child’s character will elicit a smile even from grumpy ones.

Let’s Get the Party Started

A mustache and bow tie baby shower theme is cute and it’s quite easy to decorate the room. You don’t need to overthink it. The color scheme is pretty obvious. Black, white, and blue fit perfectly with the theme and you won’t end up with too many colors. So, let’s see some nice ideas.


Every party plan begins with invitations. You can purchase some really neat designs like these:

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Or you can make them on your own. Any way you choose, your invitations can be beautiful and effective. Also, they will announce both the party and your theme, so your guest will know what to expect. Some of them might decide to dress up accordingly.

There’s No Party Without Balloons

Balloons are helpful to create a cheerful atmosphere. Put some balloons in front of the house or restaurant. And then put some in the room on the walls, above the table, or wherever, just make sure they don’t get in the way. I recommend white and blue balloons, maybe in two different shades. If you want to add black ones, it is okay, just try not to get too many of those. White mustache balloons will look great, too.

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This set of balloons along with other decorations can cover a large portion of your party supplies.

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Have Some Fun

Purchase fake mustaches in different styles and make your guests wear them. This will bring so much fun! You can let your guests choose their own style. And you will be surprised how mustaches change a person’s appearance. You may witness some trades, and a good laughter is guaranteed.

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Banners and Garlands

Check out this beautiful backdrop banner!

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Banners and garlands are really convenient to fill in space. Well, predominantly walls, to be precise. I love them because you can decorate every wall in a matter of minutes. You have many options, but I like to keep it simple. Here are some nice ideas.

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Table Sets

Mustache and bow tie themed table sets can be cute and effective. Everything on the table can have a mustache or bow tie print and it still won’t be overwhelming. Water bottles and cups with a mustache print will look great as well. Oh, and don’t forget adorable cupcake toppers.

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Mustache and Bow Tie Cake

One of my favorite parts comes after food. It’s a baby shower party cake! I don’t know why cakes taste better at parties. Although I enjoy cakes anyway. This one looks so good that it feels shameful to eat it.

mustache and bowtie cake preview
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Or if you want it to be blue you can choose something like this.

blue moustache cake preview
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Mustache Party Favors

Don’t forget about party favors. Stickers and wrappers can make your party favors look great.

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Final Thoughts

I really love a mustache and bow tie baby shower party. Actually, I love baby shower parties anyway. But, a mustache and bow tie theme is great for many reasons. A simple but effective mustache and bow tie design makes it easy to create great decor without risking to get it too colorful and overwhelming. You can fit everything to be elegant, neat and cute.