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In this review, I will take a closer look at Nanit baby monitor reviews. These high-tech baby monitors are pretty popular these days. However, some people resent the innovations in this sector and it even freaks them out.

I can understand young parents being very sensitive about their little ones. But rational thinking is necessary to make the best decisions concerning our babies as well as our well-being.

People like to stick to proven values and they always fear novelty. It’s ingrained in our subconscious. Once upon a time, many people believed that riding on a train could rip you apart and a TV was a devil’s box.

I’m not saying that each and every new trend is great, but you should take criticism with a pinch of salt.

Do We Really Need Baby Monitors?

As for baby monitors, it is true that they aren’t a necessity. Generations of children were raised without them and they were just fine. But, new technologies don’t have to revolutionize your life. Just a little bit of help can be enough to feel more comfortable or just to improve your efficiency.

That’s exactly what baby monitors are made for – to help you through the day with more confidence and less stress.

So, I can’t tell you if you need a baby monitor. But, I can show you all the perks that come with baby sleep system so you can figure out if it is worth it for you. Obviously, if you live in a small apartment and you’re always close to your baby, you don’t need one. Our babies are our top priorities, no doubt.

But besides taking care of the baby, there are other errands that have to be done. You need to clean your house, cook some meals, do laundry, feed your pets, etc. Yes, your spouse can help you out, but someone has to go to work as well. Not to mention the lack of good sleep.

So why am I talking about these obvious difficulties that all parents have to face? The answer is simple – baby monitors can provide great help.

Baby Monitor Will Allow You More Freedom and Peace of Mind

Baby alarm won’t clean up the house for you or make your newborn healthier and smarter. Even though new models are called “smart”. Nevertheless, baby monitors can provide some comfort and relief for new parents.

If you live in a big house, you can safely go to other rooms, run your errands while keeping tabs on your little one. You can have a cup of coffee or play with your pet without being on high alert to listen to your baby. Your baby camera does that for you.

You can even use it to monitor your toddler or older kids while they play in another room. So, you can take occasional breaks without fear that you won’t hear your baby cry. 

This is actually only the basic feature, although I think it is the most important one for this baby sleep system. Baby monitors of today, have a lot of great features that provide better control. They can even help you to understand your baby’s sleeping and waking habits better.

There’s strong competition in the market so companies are trying to offer better and more sophisticated models all the time. While you can live without it, every help is welcomed. Small things can make a world of difference.

So, you should use every little help you can afford to get through these rewarding but challenging and demanding times.

Finally, let’s see what Nanit Nanit has to offer.

Nanit Plus Baby Monitor

Nanit is a New York-based AI startup and one of the most innovative companies in 2019. It is a proud owner of one of the most advanced baby monitors that can be called “smart” for a good reason.

Created by parents for parents, Nanit Baby Plus Monitor combines advanced camera sensors, computer vision, and machine learning to improve both parents’ and baby wellbeing. It not only monitors your baby but analyzes the baby’s sleep patterns and the quality of sleep.

Furthermore, it offers guidance on how to help babies sleep better! For starters, it is safe to say that the Nanit Plus baby monitor is a futuristic baby sleep system that offers a wide range of advanced features.

It is actually a new, improved version of Nanit Original baby monitor. So, let’s see those features and how they work.

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How It Works

The Nanit consists of three parts: a baby camera, mount, and a mobile app for your smartphone. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android. It doesn’t have a traditional ‘parent unit’, so you have to use your phone or tablet. However, you can include all people that take part in taking care of the child with adjustable individual permission levels.

There are three different kinds of mounts – a wall mount, floor stand, and multi-stand. For some reason, you can’t buy a floor stand separately, you can only purchase it as a part of the set. Multi-stand is available separately, so you can use your monitor when you’re on a trip or visiting friends and family.

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Camera Setup

Setting it up is easy and quick. All cables come with a safety cover. The camera has a wide-angle lens that captures the whole crib and a little bit more. It is best to set it on the short side of the crib.

If you have to mount it on the long side, the camera will focus on the crib, but the image will be smaller and it will capture a lot of space on the sides.


Once you get it started you’ll get a live feed of the crib and your baby. The picture quality is excellent. It is sharp and clear. Night vision is included for a very decent picture even in total darkness. The system switches to night vision automatically.

Whenever you take a look at your screen, you’ll be able to see room temperature and humidity at the top of the screen. There’s a two-way audio connection so you’ll be able to talk to your baby from the other room. All sensors are sensitive and precise.

What About the Audio?

Background audio is a new and convenient feature. It allows you to hear your baby even if you open other apps or your screen is locked. You can also turn on and off the audio function – a white noise or nature sounds.

These so-called basic functions work great. And let’s be honest, most baby monitors have a decent variety of features, but it’s the quality of the picture or sound, or range, or system failures that don’t satisfy. Nanit Plus is impeccable when it comes to the quality of these features. But, the best is yet to come.

Nanit Baby Monitors – Insights

Nanit Insights is a service that offers several advanced features. Sleep tracking includes sleep patterns, parent visits, sleep efficiency and more. Sleep coaching tips are based on your baby’s sleep patterns. Timelapse videos are available for you to see the highlights of the previous day or night.

You can even monitor your baby’s breathing motion. You do have to order Nanit Breathing Wear separately to use this feature. Nanit is particularly proud of these swaddles as they have no tech or electronics, it’s just specially designed fabric.

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You can use these advanced features for a year. After that, you need to subscribe to keep using it.

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What We Like About Nanit Plus

  1. Excellent video and sound quality. It is as good as it gets. This is a basic but very important feature.
  2. Two-way audio. I don’t think you’ll use this very often but it can be convenient sometimes. 
  3. Background audio function. This is a great feature. Whatever you do or don’t do on your phone the app will run in the background and you’ll hear if something’s to be heard.
  4. Excellent range. This is often a problem with baby monitors, but Nanit Plus really shines here. As long as you have a decent wi-fi, it reaches through several floors.
  5. Monitoring room conditions. If the air temperature and humidity changes, you will know it.
  6. Sleep tracking. You can track sleeping patterns and timelines, watch highlights and more.
  7. 7-days video history. This is also neat. You can have all data and video history extended to a month or unlimited period with Nanit Insight Premium and Unlimited subscription plans.
  8. Personalized sleeping tips. You get customized recommendations to improve your baby’s sleep time.
  9. It is portable. The camera snaps into and out of the mount easily. So, if you have a multi-stand, it takes a couple of seconds to pack everything up.
  10. Security. It comes with 256-bit encryption to keep your data and images safe.

What Could Be Better

  • The floor stand can’t be purchased separately. This is a little bit puzzling. Anyway, you have to decide in advance if you need it or not.
  • You can’t change the camera’s orientation. So, you have to set it on the long side of the crib or you’ll have a smaller picture of the crib and your baby.
  • You need a subscription after the first year. In order to keep advanced features, you have to spend more money.
  • No music. While nature sounds and white noise may suffice, it would be nice to have some lullabies or classical music as well.
Conclusion About Nanit Baby Monitor

Nanit Plus is not the most affordable baby monitor out there, but it offers a lot. Basic features are impeccable, while advanced features justify a heftier price tag. Whether you love tech or not, this baby monitor offers a lot of useful features.

But the most important thing is that it works great. So, it will help you to have peace of mind and be more relaxed. If you’re a tech lover you will love it as it is probably the most sophisticated model out there.