A natural or organic mattress is a phenomenal choice if you are sensitive to chemicals or are just interested in purchasing a mattress made of materials that cause no harm to our ecosystem. A number of options are available in this regard. Latex or spring mattresses are the predominant ones available in the natural or organic mattresses class.

Latex rubber boasts decent stress relief characteristics and tends to offer far more bounce than memory foam mattresses. The tiny holes in the latex produced during the manufacturing process, tallow the mattress to breathe much better than the memory foam mattress. Natural or organic mattresses should not be too costly. Manufacturers such as Green Mattress and Nest Bedding offer some spectacular choices at reasonable prices. If you are looking out for a complete latex mattress, then I would suggest you to go for Zen Haven since they offer a free trial period which is a unique feature in the natural latex mattresses market.

I personally think that the terminology called as natural or organic mattresses does not do justice to their actual composition since at some point in time during their production process, synthetic materials are used. For instance, steel springs must be manufactured and so is the case for zippers for the outer covering. Having said that, they tend to be much more eco-friendly in contrast to their memory foam counterparts.