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Do you like organizing parties? Well, I prefer being a guest, but it’s different when it comes to baby shower parties. After all, doing anything for the mother-to-be is more of a joy than an obligation. Ocean themed baby shower party is a great idea to dazzle guests and throw a party to remember. Truth be told, organizing a party is not an easy endeavor. Fortunately, compared to other celebrations, it is reasonably easier to throw a great baby shower party.

Everyone loves baby shower parties because they bring jolly, almost childish atmosphere. That’s why baby showers are more relaxed and happier. There are no high expectations of any kind. Friends and family just gather to spend some time with the mother-to-be and have some fun. All of the games, decorations, gifts, and even food are there to remind us that we were children once, and to celebrate the arrival of a child.

So, if this is your first time to organize a baby shower, don’t be afraid. With a couple of simple guidelines, you will be able to do your part and make it great. Just keep it simple and enjoy the process. And bring your camera to take some great photos.

Ocean Baby Shower Theme

Ocean baby shower party is a great idea for several reasons. It is a convenient theme and you can be quite creative. There are many simple and effective DIY sea baby shower ideas for decorations if you like crafting. It also comes with symbolic values. First of all, life on our planet emerged from the ocean.

Moreover, baby kind of swims in a mother’s womb until the berth. So, it’s an appropriate theme for the arrival of a new life. Here’s another fun fact: oceans cover 70% of our planet. That’s why we call it a ‘blue planet’. Finally, children of all ages love the ocean and ocean creatures such as mermaids, whales, sharks, and SpongeBob SquarePants!


What is the most important thing when you organize anything? It is a plan. Creating a plan will save you a lot of time and help you avoid stress. It will allow you to arrange and execute tasks, so they don’t overlap. First, you need to set the date. It is common to throw a baby shower party when expectant mom is about 7 months pregnant. She will still be comfortable, and it will leave her enough time to purchase additional items for a baby, after the party. Of course, if mom-to-be wants it at any other time you will indulge her desire. 

The next step is determining the guest list and choosing a venue. Throwing a party in a living room or the backyard is budget-friendly, but it depends on how large is your guest list. It’s great far smaller, more intimate parties. If the guest list is larger, you will probably need to search for a restaurant or hotel. It should be nearby if possible. 


So, the fun begins. It is time to choose and send invitations. You should look for cute and ocean themed invitations. Of course, you can design and print them on your own. However, if you don’t want to spend too much time on this topic, you can purchase beautiful and appropriate invitations. This is one of a cute sea baby shower ideas for your invitations.

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You can choose styles and looks that you like, but make sure to send them on time. This means at least four weeks before the party. That way you will allow plenty of time for your guests to make room for your party, buy gifts, and adjust their plans.

Decorations and Menu

This is my favorite part. However, there are no too many rules for this stage of ocean baby shower. It is pretty much up to you and your creativity to set it right. As for ocean baby shower decorations, I have a certain order of actions to make it easier. First, you need to choose a color palette. Blue is an obvious choice.

You can complement it with white and pink or purple if it’s a girl. Then, I purchase a ton of balloons. They contribute to jolly atmosphere and you can fit them almost everywhere. Decorating the walls is my next step. You can purchase banners and garlands to make your walls pretty. I love a mermaid-like garland. You can also choose garlands and banners with starfish, sharks, or different ocean creatures. It’s up to your imagination.

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Now, you can move on and decorate tables and food. I like to fill in the tables with decorations except for the main table. It should be moderately decorated so that decorations don’t bother your guests while they eat. Watermelon shark is my favorite table decoration.

shark fruit serving
Source: theabundantwife

Once you’re done with decorations you should plan a timeline. You want to entertain your guests, so it’s a good idea to make a schedule of events. Arrange gift-giving, playing games, eating, and drinking, so that it flows naturally.

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Finally, leave ocean baby shower favors for the end.