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The Pass the Gift Baby Shower Game

Having a baby shower is a fun way to get together with friends and family to celebrate having a new addition to your family. During this time there are many baby shower games that can be played. A popular baby shower game that is played is called the pass the gift baby shower game. This game has other names but is played the same way.

Game Rules

How the pass the gift baby shower game is played is starting with the host they read a poem out loud and a gift is passed around from person to person based on what is said in the poem. At the end of the poem the person holding the gift gets to keep it. This game is a fun and entertaining way to socialize with others. The poem tells a story leading to the gift passing from person to person in an entertaining way.

The Poem summary

1. Give the gift to the one you know the longest.
2. Pass the gift to someone with Brown eyes.
3. Send the gift to the one with the cutest shoes.
4. Look to see who is the smallest and pass them the gift.
5. Now, who is the tallest? Give them the gift.
6. Give the gift to the person who has been married the longest.
7. Send it on to the newest married.
8. Pass the gift to the person with the longest hair.
9. Look to see who has come the farthest and pass the gift.
10. Now give the gift to the one who was born in this city.
11. Who has a birthday near gets the gift so do not fear.
12. Now pass the gift five to your right.
13. The gift is yours so open it up and see what is inside.

For the poem see the hyperlink above under the pass the gift baby shower game.

The Pass the Gift game is one of the most popular games seen at Baby Showers. There are many other Baby Shower games to play as well. Baby Showers is a wonderful way to celebrate bringing a new life into the world. By playing games and socializing you can bring a group of friends and family members together for a fun-filled evening. This allows the lucky mother an opportunity to get the support she will need on her lifelong journey.