There was a time when baby sleep positioners were considered a mandatory ingredient for all moms who had newborns. We all are aware of the fact that babies should sleep on their backs and there could be no better methodology to accomplish than to utilize something that keeps them in such a position.

However, way back in 2010, the Food and Drug Association (FDA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) revealed that these contraptions posed a serious safety risk to the babies and so issued a warning to all parents to abstain from using them. According to reports, 13 babies succumbed to death due to the use of these sleep positioners as either they rolled over and had their faced pressed against the positioner or found themselves trapped between it and the crib’s side.

Mr. Inez Tenenbaum, the CPSC Chairman, claimed that the death and other potentially risky scenarios arising due to the use of infant sleep positioners was being viewed as a serious cause for concern by the organization. He went on to warning the parents and caregivers to avoid using these sleep positioners in order to ensure a safe sleep for their infants.

These infant sleep positioners can turn out to be exceptionally dangerous for your babies and if you own one, you should at one stop using it.

The main aim behind the use of sleep positioners was to mitigate the risk of SIDS or cot death. However, instead of alleviating the risk, the baby sleep positioners exacerbated the risk exponentially.

Still available for purchase

As soon as these warnings were issued by the relevant quarters, majority of the manufacturers stopped the production of baby sleep positioners. They will probably not be available on stores but you should beware that some of these items are still available for purchase online or at second-hand stores. If you browse them online, you will definitely find them lurking out there somewhere.

Do not try out a DIY positioner

You should ensure that your baby’s crib does not contain anything other than a crib sheet and a mattress. Some parents use blankets or pillows to create their own positioners but this can crop up as another potential risk to your little one. Anything including a rolled up blanket in the crib or bassinet can be dangerous for your kid.

Crib wedges

Having said that, crib wedges are a totally safe option and has not been included in the CPSC warnings. The wedges are placed underneath the crib mattress to heighten them a bit which results in a lowered reflux or other associated breathing issues. Nevertheless, you should discuss with your pediatrician before using the crib wedges positioners.