safari baby animals having fun

Baby shower party is a place of joy. The arrival of a new family member will bring some excitement to everyone. It evokes some memories and distracts from everyday stress. People love baby shower parties for many different reasons. But, I think that there is a hidden reason for joy, besides funny games, nice decorations, delicious food, and a diaper cake. Baby shower party makes us remember that we were kids once, and it is an opportunity to be a little bit childish again. It’s not like we will play in the sand, but all these baby shower themes, toy decorations, children’s games, and colorful environment, look like a perfect playground for grown-up kids. A safari baby shower or a fairy tale shower theme, well you won’t throw any other kind of party with these themes.

I really enjoy baby shower parties and adore all of these themes and decorations. A safari theme is one of my favorite themes. It is so for many reasons. I like unisex themes, and safari or jungle theme is one of them. With this theme, your party gets more colorful as well. There is nothing wrong with a typical pink-girl, blue-boy color scheme, but I think it’s nicer when it is more colorful. If you don’t have time or an opportunity to go on a real safari, you can do what children do: bring the safari home using your imagination.

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Planning a Safari Baby Shower Party

Planning a safari baby shower party is not much different from planning any other theme for your party. Besides choosing a date and making a guest-list, you need to follow some guidelines, like time-schedule, choosing a location, ordering or preparing food and so on. Then, you just have to arrange everything to fit your theme. 

You can start with invitations. Safari themed invitations can be unbelievably cute. Not to mention that they look exotic and set the tone even before the party. You can print them on your own or you can order it on Amazon or wherever you find the most attractive design.

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Decoration Ideas – Use Balloons, Garlands, and Banners

As for decorating the room, you can really get creative here. Make sure that you put a couple of decorations in front of the house or a restaurant where you are throwing a party. Green, yellow and brown color scheme will match your jungle safari theme great. So, a lot of green and yellow balloons should be everywhere. You can put safari-themed garlands and banners on your walls. There are plenty of options here. You can choose animal garlands, or palm leaves, or ivy vines leaf garland such as this one. Or you can combine all of them. 

Safari Food

Printable cups and water bottles will be a nice addition to your decor. Giraffes, lions, and monkeys look cute on cups. Actually, they look cute anywhere, so you can print them on cups, bottles, napkins, or wherever you can think of. Which brings us to food. Choosing a food for your shower party takes some considering. To get some great ideas for the food you can read our Best Baby Shower Food Ideas article. As for our safari theme, cupcakes work great, and you can print safari designs on them. While you need to offer a variety of different foods for your guests, there’s no good shower party without some sweets. Frosted safari animal lollipops taste great and complement your theme as well.

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I almost overlooked some decorations that you can’t have a party without. Streamers and confetti that fit your theme will make the decor complete. By the way, did you know that throwing confetti at celebrations trace back all the way to the Middle Ages? Italians used to throw fruit and small sweets at celebrations and this tradition evolved over centuries, so we use paper confetti these days.

Baby Shower Games

It is time for fun! Don’t look for the game that fits your theme. After all, these games should be fun. When you decide which games you find fun and entertaining, it is easy to adjust them to your theme. For most of the games, you need to print some paper sheets. So, all you have to do is to print some safari designs and patterns on your sheets. Of course, there is a game that comes naturally for a safari-themed baby shower. An animal baby shower party game is a perfect fit for your safari party. If you have never played it, it is actually more interesting than you think. 

Safari Baby Shower happy cartoon animals in the jungle

Conclusion About Safari Baby Shower Party Organization

You don’t need a party planner for your baby shower party. You do have to be well-organized and start early, though. A safari theme for your party allows you a lot of creativity. There are myriads of decorations that you can purchase to create a great environment. If you’re into crafting you can go DIY for more personalized decor. However, most people don’t have enough time to take on such endeavor, and plenty of affordable ready-made decorations will provide a lot of choices. Just don’t forget the most important thing – have fun.