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Have you ever been invited to a sip and see party? If you haven’t, chances are you’re not familiar with the concept. But, don’t worry. Here, you can read all you need to know about this celebration. It’s not a big deal, though. A sip and see party is a very relaxed and casual event.

I’ll be honest, I like parties of all kinds. Even though there are considerable differences between, let’s say, Halloween party and the 30th wedding anniversary party, there are some common things for all of them. You will see some friends or cousins that you haven’t seen for a while, you might socialize with some new people, you’ll share a couple of laughs and eat some good food.

However, as much as I like going to parties, I am a little bit overwhelmed lately. Think about it for a moment: it seems like every possible occasion is becoming a reason to throw a party. There’s a birthday party, wedding party, welcome party, farewell party, garden party, pool party, graduation party, job promotion party, baby shower party, bridal shower party,…  I could keep on like this forever. There’s even a pre-party and after-party

If you have many friends, your life can become a short break between the parties. Not to mention that it starts to feel like an obligation. And obligations are no fun. I see more and more people complaining about going to parties as if it’s a punishment. But, why do I babble so much about all kinds of parties?

Well, I want to make a point about sip and see parties. These casual events are becoming very popular for a good reason. Let’s see why.

What Is a Sip and See Party?

Sip and see party originated in the South. However, in its core, it has the same roots as a regular baby shower party. Celebrating the arrival of a new baby and mother has been observed in almost all cultures around the world since ancient times.

But, a sip and see party is not just a baby shower party spin-off. It’s more of a sequel. While a baby shower is celebrated before the baby is born, a sip and see party occurs after the birth. As I have said, it started out in the South when Southern belles would invite friends and family to see the newborn. Of course, guests would receive a proper treatment that included tea, coffee, punch and etiquette worthy of Southern hospitality. Hence the ‘sip’ part in the title. However, the focus was on the baby so it didn’t have to be a gala ceremony.

sip and see party

The sip and see custom became popular across the country but the etiquette became even looser. So, today sip and see parties have only one certain rule: meeting the newborn. Everything else is out of focus and not a must. Food, decorations, gifts, games, all these things are optional and not regular.

Actually, a sip and see party is so casual that you can hardly call it a party. But, that’s what makes it great. Neither parents nor guests have any expectations other than introducing the baby. So, it’s a no-pressure, informal, open house style party

Why Do People Host a Sip and See?

Even though it’s a relatively new trend, it is no brainer why it gets more and more popular. Formal parties are stressful to organize. With high expectations come responsibility and more stress. Casual events such as a sip and see can be refreshing for both hosts and guests.

It is also convenient. The family and close friends are usually anxious to see the newborn and chances are that most of them would drop by untimely. Actually, any time is untimely for new parents due to sleep deprivation and unpredictability of the little angel. So, a sip and see is a great way to invite all your friends and family at once, without putting much effort into preparation and organization.

How to Host a Sip and See?

If you consider throwing a sip and see party, it’s as easy as it gets. You can organize it however you want it. Since it’s an informal and easygoing event, you have the freedom to avoid or add anything you like.

Invitations are optional but I would recommend sending them. You can use invitations not only to inform your guests about the time and venue but to make sure that it’s a relaxed and casual gathering. For instance, you can note on your invitation that you won’t be receiving gifts, that it’s a “come and go” event, and so on. Truth be told, you can do all of this without invitations as well. But, with invitations, you make the event officially unofficial and informal. Anyway, it’s up to you.

sip and see invitation cards
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Refreshing drinks are common for this occasion. The types of drinks are entirely up to you. You probably don’t want to serve a lot of alcohol with your baby around, though. Food is also optional. The food menu is similar to regular baby showers but reduced and less pretentious. Finger food is the best option. Simple lunch or brunch menus and some cupcakes are good ideas. If you want to serve food, that is.

As for decorations, it is common not to over decorate. No decorations at all or a simple flower centerpiece will make it. But, once again, it’s up to you. If you like to add a couple of extra decorative items, it’s okay.

You don’t need to plan other activities, games or themes. The only common game at sip and see parties is “hold or pass the baby”. So, I guess you get the picture why I used words ‘casual’ and ‘optional’ so often. Oh, and make sure to prepare hand sanitizers for clean snuggles.

Final Thoughts on Sip and See Baby Shower

While some people think that a sip and see party is a trend that won’t last, I strongly disagree. This kind of ‘come and go’ party is really convenient for both parents and guests. Its casual and relaxed style challenges even the most stubborn anti-party grumblers.

So, it’s hard to find a flaw in this concept. Furthermore, friends and family will always have a desire to meet the new baby. I can’t foretell the future, but I do believe that a sip and see party is here to stay.