Soft and Precious Baby Products Moisturizing Cream Hairdress

One of my earliest memories is my mom combing my hair. Contrary to all expectations, it’s not a pleasant memory at all. My hair was very dry, curly and prone to tangling, so it used to be a painful experience every single time – even though she did her best not to hurt me. And god knows there weren’t many baby products back then. Or maybe there were, but my mom was suspicious about using them on her kiddos.

Thankfully, moms can relax nowadays. The selection of baby hair products is very wide, and not all of them are pure chemicals. But that can give you a different kind of headache – which brand to choose? Is it tested and safe? Do your friends use it with their babies? There’s hardly a cuter toddler part than that soft, silky, cuddly hair – but it definitely requires nurturing and protection.

And there’s a lot of strain those curls need to put up with, especially in winter. The wind, freezing temperatures, hair dryers don’t help – your little one’s natural hair will get even drier.

Today, I’m reviewing Soft & Precious Moisturizing Creme Hairdress, available in 5oz and 7.5oz jars, as well as in Xtra Dry variety. It’s infused with olive oil and lavender and plays multiple roles in your kiddo’s hair protection: it nourishes, moisturizes, conditions and adds sheen. Check out the products’ basic pros and cons, according to my own experience, as well as other customers.

Soft and Precious Baby Products Moisturizing Creme Hairdress Xtra Dry


  • It really does the job of detangling the kiddo’s hair, so you can comb it without any issues. And the little one won’t get traumas from combing like I did.
  • It’s mild but manages to condition and protect the hair from strain.
  • It smells great, but isn’t heavily perfumed. It’s just like the smell of the baby himself – natural and angelic!
  • Especially good for African American kids with very curly and dry hair. Many parents are thrilled about this product.


  • The product used to be a regular thing in stores, but now it’s hard to find – so, online purchase might be your only option.
  • Some online customers complain the texture is watery, while it should be creamy. Maybe it got tumbled or mixed up while being shipped. However, we can’t be sure the quality hasn’t changed, so beware when buying this product online.
  • In some cases, the baby’s hair can get dry again a few hours after treatment.

Final Verdict

In terms of performance (and provided you don’t get just half of the jar because the product was watery and leaked during shipping), this is an outstanding product. But the greatest problem is that you can hardly get your hands on it. Their website isn’t working for some time now, and even their Facebook page is inactive. Basically, the only place you can get it is with a few online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. Where are you, Soft and Precious??

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If you managed to find the products in store, let us know. Many happy customers are inquiring, but there seems to be no reply from the company.