Toddler Bed Rails

You may be awakened by millions of things at night. It could be aliens, monsters, evil spirits or virtually anything that your imagination may conjure after the night’s horror flick! But there can be one serious thing that can disturb your night’s sleep and it is when your toddler falls out of his bed. The toddler will end up shrieking and the fall might possibly result in an injury or two.

Fortunately for us parents, the night time falls can be prevented with the help of bed rails.

Now, before we get started, let us have a look at the difference between a crib and a toddler bed.

A toddler is free to roll around as much as he wants in a crib and there was no way he was going to fall out of it thanks to the guard rails.

However, once a baby is moved to the bed from a crib, the guard rails are detached and your toddler becomes vulnerable to the terrible night time falls.

Once a toddler falls out of his bed, in addition to causing him injury, you will also be awakened by the terrible bumpy noise of the fall.

By installing toddler rails on your little one’s bed, you will provide a safety barrier to your bundle of joy that will ensure that you along with your baby have a nice and calm night’s sleep.

Toddler bed rails can be extremely beneficial if he suffers from seizures since they will prevent him from falling out of the bed.

Different types of toddler bed rails

There are mainly three different types of toddler bed rails. Let us discuss them in detail one by one.

1 – Swing down toddler rail

The swing down toddler rails are the simplest of all the toddler rails once installed.

At nighttime, the toddler rail is locked into an upright position; thereby providing a safety barrier to the toddler.

During the daytime, the toddler rail can be collapsed down; thereby allowing the toddler to get into and out of bed with exceptional ease.

Having said that, toddler rails are not about your baby only. A swing down rail can prove to be advantageous for you as well.

It can be rather too complicated to make your toddler’s bed with a stationary rail hanging down the bed. Instead of tucking the bed sheets in around the bed, you have to swing it down and out of the way.

It cannot get simpler than this.

Crib rails are not the most aesthetically pleasing products out there. Lucky for parents, there are swing down bed rails that can be slid beneath the mattress when not in use.

This can be a perfect solution to making your friends and dear ones believe that you have not toddler bed rails in place and your house can still give a semblance of perfection despite being a house full of kids.

2 – Fix Toddler Bed Rail

The fix toddler bed rail resembles a swing down toddler bed rail except that it cannot be folded down. There is a little gap left between the bed rail and the end of the bed that is used by the baby to climb in and out of bed. The gap is small enough to let your baby get in or out of bed but not large enough to facilitate a night time fall.

3 – Bumper Toddler Bed Rail

A bumper toddler bed rail is placed underneath the bed sheets. It is similar to a speed hump that prevents your toddler from tumbling down the bed.

These rails are the easiest to install as they are held in their place with the help of the bed sheet. They can be set up in a few moments and they have a huge advantage over their counterparts since they are easily portable.

If you are on your way to spending a vacation or just visiting your father and mother’s place, then a bumper toddler bed rail can be the way to go.

Majority of the bumper bed rails are made of foam. However, there are some that are inflatable and collapse into a flat square.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a toddler rail

Size of your bed or mattress: This seems to be a basic step but most of the parents tend to overlook it and regret after making a purchase. Are you looking for a bed rail that is slightly longer than usual? You might be using a pillow top mattress so a taller rail might be required? It is judicious to keep the size of your bed and mattress in mind when purchasing a toddler rail.

Have an Ikea toddler bed? : In such a scenario, padded toddler rails are the only way to go. Ikea cribs and their beds require customers to buy rails of their build only. Other permanent rails are simply not compatible.

The base of your toddler’s bed: There is a wide array of toddler beds available for sale such as box spring, wooden slats, flat top, steel frame etc. It can be a rather hassle to install a bed rail on them. If a bed rail does not sit snug on your bed, you might have to resort to flexible solutions such as using zip ties for slats.

Unbeatable toddler bed rails

In this section, we will take a glimpse at some of the best quality toddler bed rails available on the market. These are my preferred bed rails and are far ahead of the rest of the pack in terms of quality and protection.

The best swing down toddler bed rails

Let us discuss the most fundamental of toddler bed rails first:

Regalo swing down bed rail

Height: 20”, Length: 43”

Regalo are the entrenched market leaders when it comes to building top notch swing down bed rails.

The typical model is suitable for an average toddler while the height is in accordance with the majority of the deep mattresses except for the pillow top one.

The gap guard is one of the primary reasons that makes the Regalo swing down bed rails really popular. This implies that the bed rail sits snug on the mattress irrespective of its size and leaves no space underneath it lest the toddler may roll down through the gap between the mattress and the bed rail.

In an ideal bed, all toddler bed rails should be free on any gaps. Having said that, there are numerous bed rails out there that are of the flimsiest quality you will ever come across. These bed rails boast such poor designs that they could be harmful to your toddler rather than offering any kind of advantage.

Regalo swing bed rails are JPM certified for safety, quality and performance.

The assembly is exceptionally easy as the bed rail can be put together easily with the help of mere hands without requiring tools of any sort.

I do not like any baby equipment that is white in color. My toddler can conjure plenty of mess and possesses the unenviable ability to transform any white surface into a blotchy brown color within the blink of an eye.

The nylon mesh wall of the bed rail can be comfortably washed down with a piece of wet cloth. If the stain is too stubborn to be removed easily, you can detach the mesh from the frame and and give it a thorough hand wash.

The mesh is an ideal bed rail material for toddlers. Your toddler might smash his face into the mesh while sleeping and will still be able to breath with ease.

But if you are looking for a larger toddler rail, we have another option in store for you.

Regalo Hide Away Extra Long Bed Rail

Height: 20”, Length: 52”

This bed rail is a whopping 52” in length.

It is an ideal choice for kids who tend to roll from one side to another and also manage to slide past the rail using some mysterious powers.

This bed rail is a perfect contraption for those flexible kids who know how to find a way to tumble down their bed no matter what barrier you put in place. They know how to defy the principles of Science but this bed rail will put an end to this phenomenon.

In addition to the enhanced length, the bed rail has another major difference in comparison with the conventional swing down model that was discussed before.

The bed rail can be hidden just underneath your toddler’s mattress.

If your toddler’s bed comes with a box spring, you will be able to collapse it into a flat shape and slide it underneath the bed. I had complications while trying to accomplish the hideaway feature and ended up damaging the underneath of my mattress but if you are successful in making it work, then you can definitely understand its lure.

An important thing to notice here is that both the bed rails that have been discussed so far rely on beds tucked up against a wall.

Now, what would happen if the toddler’s bed were located in the middle of the room? To get rid of this issue, here comes the solution by Regalo.

Regalo Double Sided Swing Down Bed Rail

Height: 20”, Length: 43”

This bed rail has been designed to provide safety to both sides of your toddler’s bed.

This is perfect bed rail for your toddler for granting him the much needed liberty of moving on the bed and also letting you move the bed away from the wall while ensuring the safety of your little one.

Both sides of the bed rail get collapsed and as is the case with the other Regalo bed rails, this one is also compatible with the queen mattress.

Now let us move onto the fixed bed rails.

Best Fixed Toddler Bed Rails

Fixed bed rails are suitable for platform bed that come without box springs.

Just by looking at beneath your crib, you will find out that the baby’s crib mattress lies on a panel made of either wood or metal. That panel is referred to as platform. If you opt to transform your baby crib into a toddler’s bed, then fixed bed rails are the best option.

Now let us get started with my preferred fixed bed rail.

KidCo Convertible Crib/Bed Rail

Height: 15”, Length: 33.5”

This toddler bed rail will ensure that your toddler remains safe while sleeping on the bed and does not roll down the bed whether you use the convertible crib for a day time nap or a night time slumber.

The bed rail is considerably shorter in length in comparison with all the other bed rails that have been discussed so far since a crib mattress is a whole lot thinner than a double. So, this bed rail is still high enough to provide your baby the ultimate security.

Similar to the other bed rails, this one also does not require any hand tools to get assembled. Once you have done with putting it together, you can comfortably slide it beneath your toddler’s mattress. It cannot get easier than this, can it?

Having said that, if you had spent a fortune at purchasing a pristine crib for your baby, then even the vaguest notion of an obnoxious white wall sticking down from one of its sides would make your soul cringe.

In order to resolve this issue, KidCo have come up with a wooden version of the rail as well that will ensure safe night time sleeps for your toddler in addition to keep your crib looking fantastic as ever.

This is all quite good for a convertible crib but what about one that is not convertible.

Fret not! KidCo also manufacture fixed bed rails for larger beds.

KidCo Children’s bed Rail

Height: 22”, Length: 39”

This bed rail is compatible with a king sized bed and since there are not many bed rails out there that fit a king sized bed so this is a great choice for your toddler bed.

What makes this bed rail versatile is that it can be used in pairs.

This means that if you had purchased two of these bed rails then you could get it installed on both sides of the toddler bed. This is a great option if your toddler bed does not lie besides a wall.

This is a fabulous product to be honest. But the rail that I purchased for my second baby came with a few ugly warnings scribbled on the outer half.

This is a huge turn-off for me since the advertised images do not show these warnings.

A massive drawback of all the bed rails included in this section is that they cannot be transported from one place to another. If you are looking for a portable bed rail that is suitable for travelling, then this one will definitely suit you the most:

Best Bumper Toddler Bed Rail

To be candid with you, most of the bumper toddler bed rails are quite flimsy. They are nothing but a shortened version of a pool noodle and do not really prevent your baby from falling out of the bed.

However, if you are still looking for one, then you should get the bumper toddler bed rail that boasts a steep slope. The steep slope makes it hard for the toddler to tumble down the bed.

Here is my preferred bumper toddler bed rail that is easily portable:

The Shrunks Sleep Secure Inflatable Bed Rail

The Shrunks have conjured this beautiful bed rail in addition to their fabulous inflatable toddler travelling bed.

This bed rail is a great choice for the parents who travel with their toddlers frequently. The bed rail does not take up any space in deflated condition and can be easily placed in your carry bag or in the trunk of your vehicle.

The bed rail comes with a pump and is a great choice if you are about to travel with your toddler and want a bed rail that can be inflated immediately.

If you travel frequently, then this bumper toddler bed rail is for you. It is small in size and yet does its job effectively.

Having said that, if you are looking for a bumper toddler bed rail that can be used in daily routine, then I have another great option for you that is very affordable.

I discovered this solution while scouring through Imgur and was quite impressed.

Yes, you guessed it right! It is a pool noodle!

You have to simply slide it under the fitted sheet and this will be your very own padded bumper at an insanely low cost.

The Bottom Line

Some toddlers do not move around a lot during sleep at night. Parents whose toddlers move a lot while being asleep would be envious of them. If your kid is a non-mover, then a toddler bed rail is not required.

However, if your toddler has tumbled out of bed once, then it is highly probable that he will fall out of bed again. In such a scenario, a toddler bed rail is the way to go to ensure that your little one stays safe and sound while being asleep.