Top 7 Pregnancy Apps for Twins and Multiples

Are you a mommy expectant of twins or multiples? It can get rather frustrating having to come across such a wide array of items, both real and digital, designed to cater to the needs of mothers of singletons only. Lucky enough for us, there are numerous twin resources if you know where to find them.

Here is our list of iPhone, Android and Amazon apps that will help you through your time with twin pregnancy and even after they are born.


WebMD Pregnancy is a free app that comes up with authentic health information to pregnant mothers in addition to some light-hearted stuff to help them pass some quality time. You can use it on-the-go while the app also lets you save articles offline for easy reference when you want to access them without the internet connectivity. It will provide relevant information whether you are attempting to conceive or getting ready for your big day to welcome your bundle of joy into this world. It contains tons of doctor-authenticated audio and visual information and suggestions and recommendations customized in accordance with every week of pregnancy.


This is a smartphone app developed by the world’s most trusted and reliable brands “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. This app offers options of providing relevant information to pregnant mothers on weekly, daily and ever hourly basis. It is compatible with iOS and Android powered devices along with Apple Watch. It provides you content tailored to personal needs and requirements predicated on your due date along with the updated parented news and health data and access to a wide community of other parents and other expectant mommies. Mothers get access to tools and support that help them get ready and feel that everything is under control; thereby ensuring that mothers remain calm and relaxed throughout the most difficult phase of their lives. After the baby is born, the app provides answers, advice and recommendations as you undergo life as a new parent.

Baby ESP

It is a baby activity tracker that enables the parents to stay updated with their infant’s activities such as eating, sleeping, pooping etc. It will provide you in-depth information about the time intervals between meals, naps and diaper changes.


BabyConnect is the most popular and extensive app that you will find on the iTunes store for keeping track of your babies. It has been chosen by Apple as a featured app for new mothers and comes with vibrant graphic displays and charts, weekly data, medicine, vaccine and growth tracking. In addition, you can also set up timers, receive notifications, configure alarms, receive emails, export .csv files and an intuitive user interface.


It is another comprehensive solution to baby tracking and activity logging. It has been part of a number of parenting journals and has also featured on CNN, People, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker

This amazing application will let mothers determine when one of their babies whether a twin, triplet or a quadruplet had their meals, their frequency and their quantity. It also keeps track of diaper changes and napping times of all the babies a mother has. The app provides support for a maximum of 10 babies.

Pregnancy Diary Twins in Womb

The Pregnancy Journal app has been developed by Sarah and Peter McMillan which is being touted as the leading application for mothers of twins and multiples. It is an intuitive journal that has been conceptualized by a mother of twins for other mothers of twins, triplets, quadruplets and multiples.