Do not get discouraged by the thought of going for a family getaway with your young toddler. We have compiled this list to ensure that your toddler has a safe and exciting trip when you plan vacation next time.

Favorite Lovey Dovey

This is a must have item foe you trip. Most of the items in our list can be purchased while you are on the move but you cannot make any compromise on your infant’s beloved toy whether it is an adorable teddy bear or a blanket. This can help you overcome the nighttime tantrums and also furnish a sense of wellbeing and safety on the road since he or she may not be acclimatized with the new sureoundings.

Favorite toys

Do not forget to pack your toddler’s favorite toys and activity boards. You may stop at the local $1 store and get new toys for your infant to keep him engaged and entertained. As soon as you feel that your infant is showing signs of being agitated or getting bored, you may present one of the new toys to him.

Baby proofing stuff

If you forge a formidable plan, you will be able to enjoy your family getaway without being anxious about your toddler and following him around. Do not forget to bring along with you outlet covers for the rooms where you are supposed to spend most of your time. You should also prepare in advance for a staircase. Stairs can be exceptionally dangerous so you should be ready for them. A safety gate is an ideal option instead of blocking the stairs with cushions and chairs. You can opt for the Stair Barrier’s banister to banister gates that are small enough to be packed in a suitcase for comfortable mobility.

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Spill-proof Snacks

Whenever kids get hungry, they begin to throw tantrums. While on the highway, you may not come across a restaurant or stop for a long distance. You should carry along with you some snacks loved by your toddler that are suitable for your travel. Some of the travel friendly snacks include cereals, rice cakes and dried fruit. Spill-proof sippy cups for juice can decrease the possibility of mess being created in the car.

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Baby wipes

Even if you try the hardest, things are going to get messy so a pack of baby wipes is an essential item for your travel for sticky fingers and spills. A sanitizer can also be a handful to clean the little one’s hands when water is not around.

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Change of clothes

Mess is inevitable with kids around. So, you can be facing a situation where you along with your infant require a change of clothes. You can carry along with you a change of clothes whether you are travelling by air or in your own car. This will come in handy since alternative apparel will be at your disposal without having to rummage through your luggage.

Have a great family getaway!