Having Twins? Here Are Some Awesome Twin Baby Shower Ideas

What could be more joyous or life-changing than having a baby? How about having two babies? And while nothing could be more wonderful than having twins, that means you are going to need two of everything from double the diapers to double the car seats. Baby showers, historically, have been the means for getting new moms all the things they will need to get ready for baby– or babies. If you are planning a baby shower for someone who is expecting twins, here are some super fun ideas for a twins baby shower.

Baby Shower Invitations

Yes, invitations were mentioned earlier. Here are a few rules of thumb regarding all invitations. Make sure that you explain clearly who the shower is for. If you know the name and gender of the baby, you can include that as well. Time, date and address are also things you will want to include on the invitation. Also, make sure to mention where the mom-to-be is registered. This will help guests know what to get. The new mom might need a stroller, but does she need five of them?

Shower Games

Baby shower games are pretty versatile and can be used no matter the gender or number of babies you are having. Don’t forget to keep things interesting by having gifts for winners. They do not have to be big. Small items like candy and stationary goods are fine. Some of these games are great for helping to break the ice when you are bringing together a bunch of people who may not all know each other. But, all of these games are fun. While this list is by no means definitive, here are some you can try at your twin baby shower.

  • What’s In Your Purse?– In this game, a point value is assigned to items commonly found in a purse. Then everyone empties their purses to see how many of the items they have and tally up their points.
  • Ice Breaker Bingo– Have a bingo card made up. In each square put some unique fact about each guest. For example, you may have a guest who raises iguanas or one who has her pilot’s license. The guests will have to go around and get other guests to initial their square.
  • Candy In a Bottle– Fill a baby bottle up with M&M’s and then let guests guess the number in the bottle.
  • Mommies and Babies– Have a list of animals and then see if guests know what their babies are called.
  • Celebrity Baby Names– Celebrities often give their children while names: North West, Pilot Inspector, Apple. See if guests can match celebrities to the names of their children. For a twins baby shower, you might look up celebrities who have twins or who are twins.
  • Children’s Book Quiz– Generate a quiz to see if guests can guess some of the most popular and beloved children’s books from a brief synopsis.
  • Baby Shower Mad Libs– Create a MadLibs for the baby shower. It could be the story of how the mom and dad-to-be met or how they chose their baby name or how they found out they were pregnant. Erase a few words and then have guests help you fill in replacements based on whether the word in questions was a noun, verb, etc.
  • Baby Shower Charades– In this game of charades, people act out things you do for a baby from finding out you are expecting to changing diapers. Because some may be easy to guess, you could give each contestant a minute to see how many she can get through.
  • Pin the Sperm on the Egg– Kind of like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” only with a twist. As this is a twin baby shower, you might require guests to pin two sperm on the egg or have two eggs on which to pin those sperm.
  • Bobbing for Pacifiers– This one is pretty self explanatory. A tub of water and some pacifiers. Contestants must hold their hands behind their backs while trying to pick pacifiers out of the water with their teeth.

Baby Shower Keepsakes

These are activities to be done at the shower, but unlike regular games, they leave a little something for the new family. Many of them involve advice and encouragement for the new family. New parents of singles need a lot of support and encouragement. New parents of twins will need twice as much.

  • Time Capsule– Guests bring things like photographs, newspaper clippings and bits of news and pop culture for the babies to see what was going on in the world when they were born. Be careful about items like CDs and DVDs as technology moves rapidly. By the time the babies are old enough to see them, they may not have an appropriate device to do so.
  • Mother and Father Know Best– Put out a journal or scrapbook and have guests write down their best advice or favorite sayings about parenthood.
  • Love Notes– Guests can write words of encouragement to help the new parents through the first tumultuous weeks of parenting.
  • Diaper Notes– Guests can write words of encouragement on diapers that will be used for those late night diaper changes.

Party Favors

When guests come to your baby shower, they are doing you and the mom-to-be a big favor. The whole point of them coming is to give the new mom gifts. You show your thanks by trying to make sure that everyone has a wonderful time. But, you can also show your appreciation by making sure everyone leaves with a little something. Having a little swag bag for each guest is a nice way to say “Thank you for coming.” Bags can include small items like candy, pens and hand lotion. They should match the theme of the shower, too. Your guests will appreciate the gesture. This, does not, however, mean that thank you notes do not have to be sent out for all of the wonderful gifts.

Twin Baby Shower Themes

This is where the fun happens because this is where your creativity has a chance to flow. Just figuring out twin baby shower decorations will keep you busy. You could choose just about any theme for a singleton baby shower, but if you are having twins, you get to be a little more specific. Here are a few twin baby shower themes you might consider.

  • Two Peas in a Pod– When you get two babies instead of one, two peas in a pod is one idea that can be really cute for twin baby shower ideas. You can go with a green color scheme and have peas reflected in much of the décor. You may be surprised at the “Two Peas in a Pod” themed items you can find such as napkins, banners and center pieces. If you can manage it, you might have pea plants as part of your centerpieces. They are easy to grow and can be ready with only a two or three week head start. You can also find Pea themed gifts for game prizes and swag bags, like salt and pepper shakers.

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12 pc Noahs Ark Cute and Cuddly Jungle Animal Latex Welcome Baby Baby Shower Party Supplies and Balloon Decorations

  • Noah’s Ark– This is a popular theme no matter how many babies you are having. It is especially significant for twins, however, because the animals in Noah’s ark also came in two’s. The decorating possibilities are endless. You can find Noah’s ark themed paper goods everywhere. You can have centerpieces of stuffed animals or boats or animal figurines– just make sure those animals come in two’s. Have a cake or cupcakes with blue icing and little sugar animals– in doubles, of course. You can even play the “Name the Animal’s Baby” game at the shower. There is almost no wrong way to do a Noah’s ark themed baby shower.



Dr Seuss Party Supplies – Invitations (8)

  • Thing One and Thing Two– From Dr. Seuss’ perennial favorite, The Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Two make quite an impression. This is a popular theme for anyone having twins. See if you can be the first one to pick up the Thing One and Thing Two onesies from the registry. There are all sorts of Seuss inspired invitations that incorporate his characters and knack for rhyme. Cover the cake in red fondant with blue lettering. Or better yet, have cupcakes with red cupcake wraps that say “Thing 1” or “Thing 2” and make the blue frosting on top mimic the things’ wild blue hair. You might also have a couple of Seuss books at the shower and invite guests to sign the inside covers with good wishes and blessings for the babies.


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  • Son of a Gun, There’s More Than One– This is fun if you want to do a cowboy theme. You could have little toy pistols, mason jars and cowboy hats and boots for centerpieces. You could have bandana table cloths and napkins. Set cowboy hat favors at each guest’s seat. You could even put a little cap gun or water gun into the guests’ swag bags. And, don’t forget the banner that has the theme’s title on it.



  • Double the Fun– At one time, that was the motto of Doublemint gum. You can incorporate packs of this gum into gift bags and place settings. You may even have a yellow and green color scheme to match the gum’s packaging. Instead of playing the “Candy in a Bottle” game, you could give it a twist by putting pieces of wrapped gum in the bottle instead. This theme is also a hoot with Double Stuff Oreos.


11 x 17 The Wizard of Oz Movie Poster

  • Double Feature– You can post movie posters side-by-side of films that might be double features like Toy Story 1 and 2. Or The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Then make a couple movie posters of your own with question marks and the title Coming Attractions. You can make the whole shower movie themed. Have popcorn and Red Vines at each table for guests to snack on. This also opens a world of possibilities for invitations, party favors, supplies and centerpieces.


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  • Twin Animals– It may not sound as creative as some of the other themes, but this just gives you the chance to adore your favorite animal. You could do elephants, because what pregnant woman hasn’t at one time or another questioned if that’s what she was carrying? You could also go with moneys, penguins or pandas. Whatever makes you happy. If you go with a simple animal theme, you are sure to find party supplies that feature whatever critter you decide. You can have fun plush centerpieces, banners and paper goods that feature your animal of choice. You might even feature these animals with colored bows to reflect the gender of the babies. There are tons of twin baby shower decorations you could make.

Having a baby is a big change. Having twins is an even bigger change. Being able to celebrate that change and the new arrival surrounded by family and friends can help to ease the transitions. These fun twin baby shower ideas can help to ensure that everyone has a good time, especially the new mom.