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Expecting a baby comes with a lot of challenges. It must seem to you that the planet is spinning backward. Everything is new territory. And there are many things you have to think of to prepare for baby’s arrival. Shower party, baby clothes, towels, powder, and many more… It is a long list. Of course, the baby’s name is on the list as well. If you are expecting a little girl how would you name her? Should you choose a common name or one of the uncommon girl names?

Nomen est omen. It is a Latin proverb meaning name is an omen, it determines the destiny. While your name doesn’t really determine your fate, it is a mark that you carry throughout your whole life. So, choosing a name for your newborn princess or prince is not an easy task. Every human being is unique, so it is only natural to wish a unique name for your little one. However, there is only a limited number of names so it is impossible to have an absolutely unique name for every person on this planet. Still, the frequency of names varies a lot. So it is possible to find a rare and beautiful name for your child.

How to Choose an Uncommon Name

Uncommon girl names are popular these days. Besides being distinctive, uncommon girl names have a practical purpose, too. I assume that everyone wants a beautiful name for their child. But, some beautiful names are so common that they became boring. For instance, it is not fun to hear your name wherever you go, even if it isn’t addressed to you. So, having a rare, uncommon name makes you stand out from the crowd.

However, you have to be careful when choosing. If the name is too peculiar, it can sound odd to other kids. Because of that, your little one can end up hating it to the bone. No one really wants to see other children picking on your little one. Especially, if it’s your fault. So, keep in mind that the name of your princess should be affable not only to you. You should consider children perspective as well.

Foreign names are pretty popular these days. It is so for good reason. They sound unique and exotic. Foreign names are distinctive. They can have a meaning which is not obvious when you hear it. Once again, be careful if you opt for a foreign name. It can sound great, but it can have an inappropriate meaning.

You can search for rare names in literature. There are also some beautiful old but forgotten names. Obviously, the possibilities are countless.

small baby girl with one of the uncommon girl names

Uncommon Girl Names


Amandine is a French name. It means “much loved”. And that’s what it sounds like as well. It is vibrant, sophisticated, and also cute.


Anais, or Annais, Anaise is a French name. It means “grace”. There are some other interpretations of origin and meaning, but for me, “grace” cuts a deal.


It used to be a popular name in Scotland. But, it has its roots in the Latin word “orabilis”. The meaning is “prayerful”.


Aria is the name that can be found all around the world. It has many different meanings in different cultures and different languages. In Italian it means melody, and that’s my favorite.


Belen is a Spanish name. Actually, it is derived from the Spanish name for Bethlehem. Bethlehem means “house of bread” in Hebrew.


Candela is a Spanish name. It means “candle”. It is actually a diminutive of Candelaria. The name is rooted in Candlemas festivities that commemorate the presentation of Jesus at the Temple. It sounds very cute to me.


There’s something about the Italian language. Chiarra is an Italian name with Latin origin. An original form is Clara, meaning “bright, clear”.


Freya is a name of Scandinavian origin. It means “Lady”. Moreover, it is derived from the name of Old Norse Goddess of love Freyja. She is also associated with sorcery, war, and gold.


Frieda is another Scandinavian name. In Old Norse, it means “beautiful, beloved”. German version Frida means “peace”. Beautiful meanings of the beautiful name. It gained popularity through Frida Kahlo.


This is an Italian name. I like everything that sounds Italian. The name is actually made of two names. Latin Julia meaning “youthful”, and Hebrew Hannah (Anna) meaning “grace”. Italians always get it right.


Hedda is a name of Scandinavian origin. It is a short version of the name Hedvig. It means “battle, fight”.


Name Layla has an Arabic origin. It means “night”. “Layla” has that exotic timbre without being awkward. It is not so uncommon, though.


Maeve is an Irish name. The older version is Meadhbh ( dare to pronounce it!). It has roots in the Irish legend of warrior Queen Maeve. It means  “She who intoxicates”. Even though it has a bit sinister meaning, I like it.


Malena is a name of Hebrew origin. It is a short version of Magdalena, meaning “woman from Magdala”. English version is Madeleine. However, I think Malena sounds much better.


Malia is a Hawaiian name. It is a Hawaiian version of Mary. There is a similar word in Hawaiian “malie” meaning calm and peaceful. Whichever explanation you choose the name sounds gentle and light.


The name was created in the 15th century by Italian poet Jacopo Sannazaro in his famous poem “Arcadia”. It is derived from the Greek word “ophelos” meaning “help”. And she is Hamlet’s love!


Orla is an Irish name. Actually, it is a modern version of the old Irish name Orlaith. In Gaelic, it means “golden princess”. It is short, easy to pronounce and remember. And I like how it sounds.


Portia is yet another Latin name. It is a female form derived from male Portius. There are different explanations of the meaning. As for me, it is ancient and it is beautiful. Quite enough.


Pronounced shi-vavn, it is Gaelic version of the name Joan. Joan is derived from Latin Iohanna, but it came from Greek male form Ioannes. Finally, the Greek form is derived from Hebrew Iohanan, which means “God is gracious”! Gaelic version beats them all.


I can’t move away from Gaelic names. Tara is derived from The Hill of Tara. In Irish tradition, it was a seat of the High King of Ireland. In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, it means “star”.


If you like short and simple names Una fits perfectly. She is the one! – this is my interpretation of this name. Actually, it is from Latin “unas” meaning “one, only”. However, there is a Gaelic version spelled Oona, meaning “lamb”.


It is the name of the tree and it means “slender, graceful”. And it’s an English name. When I say “Willow” I can almost hear the wind whispering through the treetops.


Wisdom is another English name. It denotes the virtue. If you believe that the name says it all, Wisdom fits the bill.


Wynonah is the name of Native American origin. It means “first-born daughter”. I love Native America names, although they are usually way too long to really use them.


Zia is a name of Arabic origin. It means light or splendor. There is also an indigenous tribe called Zia in New Mexico. And another tribe in Papua New Guinea. This name comes with a lot of symbolism.