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Naming a child is an easy task, isn’t it? Until you really have to do it. Then, it suddenly becomes challenging. Well, of course, you can play safe and choose an ordinary and frequent name. But, usually, parents have a desire to have a child with a unique and special name. Because children are special and unique. I have already written about girl names, so today I will share with you some unusual boy names.

Whatever you think about name giving, you shouldn’t approach it too lightly. It is not the greatest issue in your life, but it is important. The name you choose will follow your boy throughout life. It identifies and differentiates the person from others. It certainly feels good when someone tells you that you have a beautiful name. And you will have it forever. You can lose your job, money, youth, beauty or whatever you can think of. But, you can’t lose your name. Your name stays with you and doesn’t fade away with time. Beautiful or awful you can’t get rid of it. Well, you actually can, but if one has decided to change the name, it must have made him feel miserable. So, you get a picture of why you should think twice before you make a decision about your child’s name.

How to Choose

There is no such thing as a guidebook or firmly established rules on how to choose a unique and beautiful name. However, you may want to create some kind of system to narrow down the possibilities. Ask yourself what is the most important thing for you, considering a child’s name of course. Do you want it to have a special meaning? Do you prefer names of certain origin such as Irish, Italian or Slavic? Maybe some ancient names like Latin or Greek? Or you just want it to has a nice sound and everything else is a bonus?

I prefer unique, distinctive names. However, you have to be careful. After all, it is your child and not you that will have to live with it. The name that adults like might be strange and repulsive for children. And you don’t want your heir to be ashamed of his name until he grows up. So, you can search for something unique, but don’t go too far. A thin line separates exotic, unique names from awkward and ridiculous ones.

In reality, it is not as complicated as it looks like. When you narrow down your choice, just ask your friends, family, and neighbors what do they think about those names. You will get a decent sample of how other people see your idea. So, let’s see some interesting and unique names.

happy baby boy crawling and thinking about unusual boy names

Not So Common Boy Names


Angus is a Scottish name of Gaelic origin. It means “one strength”. Gaelic names are generally a good choice. They are unusual, but you have probably heard of it before. Name Angus has several old Celtic and Irish versions. In Irish mythology, Aengus was the god of love and youth.


Arden is a unisex name. It used to be a common name in England. However, it has a Latin origin. There are two possible meanings. “Great forest” is the most likely source as the family name is older than the given name. Another guess is that it was derived from “ardent, enthusiastic”.


Atlas is a Greek mythological name. As the story goes after the War of The Titans, Zeus condemned Atlas to hold up the sky on his shoulders. So, the sky is not the limit, it is at your reach!


Auberon is a French name. It sounds a little bit mysterious to me. So is the origin of the name. It is probably derived from German Alberich meaning “powerful elf”. Another meaning of this name is “noble bear”.


Your child doesn’t have to be born in August to name him Augustus. Actually, the month got its name from Caesar’s adopted son and heir – Augustus. Who became the first emperor of the Roman Empire.


Edmond is a sleeker version of a more common name – Edmund. It is an English name derived from Old English. It means “wealthy protector”.


Evan is an uncommon yet universal name. Actually, it is a Welsh version of English name John, Spanish Juan, Slavic Ivan, or Scottish Ian. And so on, all the way to Greek Ioannes and original Hebrew Yohanan. It means “God is gracious”.


This is an Irish name. It can be shortened into a nice nickname – Finn. Or, Barry. Anyway, Finbar means “fair-headed one”.


Flint is an old English name. It means “born near the outcrop of flint”. So, he is strong as a rock but can ignite the fire as well. If you like boy names that sound tough, this is the one.


This is yet another ‘rocky’ name. But, this time we are talking about the gemstone. This gem can occur in shades of red, orange, yellow and green, but dark red is the most common color. It was named after pomegranate because of similar color.


One letter can make a big difference. While Adrian is not so uncommon, I bet you don’t know many Hadrians. This name is of Latin origin meaning “of Adria, of the Adriatic” – the northern arm of the Mediterranean Sea. It was the name of the Roman emperor well known for building Hadrian’s Wall in Britannia.


This is an unusual name that gains some popularity in recent years. It means “lion” in Greek. It is a Greek word, but it sounds similar in many languages. Hence, this name has versions in many languages.


Kael is a short and effective name. It is a name of Gaelic origin. In Gaelic, it means “slender or fair”

Another theory has it that it is a Hebrew name meaning “faithful”.


Magnus is yet another name with Latin roots. It means “great”. This name is very popular in Scandinavian countries, but it is gaining popularity in the United States.


Matteo is an Italian name. As a matter of fact, it is an Italian version of Hebrew name Matityahu. Sounds familiar? It is the name of one of the Apostles and it means “gift of God”. English version is Matthew. But, Matteo sounds better, doesn’t it?


Nico is a short, but strong name. It was derived from Greek name Nicodemos, meaning “victory of the people”. It is also a short form of Nicholas, Nicole, Nicola, Domenico, and others. This is a short, easy-to-remember name with a nice meaning.


You know this one, don’t you? Odin is a god in Norse and Germanic mythology. And not just any god, he is the king of the gods. Also, it is a cool boy name.


This name sounds smart and sophisticated. It doesn’t sound like it’s Hebrew name, but it is. Actually, you can find it in the Old Testament. It means “oracle”. And you can call him Finn.


This is one of my favorite boy names. It is a Latin version of Greek name Odysseus. He was a legendary Greek king and a hero of Homer’s poems ‘Iliad’ and ‘Odyssey’. Not to mention a novel by James Joyce.