Best Baby Sleep Sacks

Why even talk about best baby sleep sacks? Blankets are generally considered unsafe for newborns and are believed not to stay on for more than a few minutes. These little kids tend to kick off their comforter every night in bed and then complain that they feel cold at night. So, wearable blankets or baby sleep sacks can be your best allies.

Best Wearable Blankets

1 – Halo SleepSack

Bill Schmid, the founder of Halo came up with the unique idea of baby sleep sacks after the demise of his firstborn baby due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The Halo Sleep Sack comes in a wide array of sizes and colors and even comes in a variant that has foot holes for walking babies. The micro-fleece is an ideal one for cold winter weather but they are available in a number of weights which is also referred to as TOG, a measure of thermal insulation. They are even available for older kids up to the size of 4 to 5T.

Keep in mind that Halo fabric fibers and finished goods are not treated with flame retardant substances.

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2 – Nested Bean Zen Sack

The nested bean zen sack is a perfect choice for the transitional period between a swaddle and a wearable blanket. The Zen baby sleep sack is a bit bulky around the chest area and boasts a design that provides a feeling of safety as if the baby is being held in the parent’s arms. Parents take a fancy to this sleep sack and have reported longer sleep durations for babies when using weighted sacks.

The baby sleep sack comes with full side zippers for comfortable diaper changes at night and shoulder snaps have been provided for easy adjustment in accordance with your baby’s growth.

The company claims that their products are thick which makes it completely unnecessary to use flame retardant materials as they prefer to use natural fibers.

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3 – Zipadee Zip

The Zipadee Zip is a sleeved sleeping bag that covers both the hands. It is an ideal choice for babies if you are try to wean off the swaddle and can be put on a baby whether he is in a baby carrier or car seat since it has legs. It makes it easy for the toddlers to stand up, crawl, roll and move around without any fuss.

No hazardous chemicals or fire resistant substances are used in the manufacture of these products.

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4 – Baby Deedee Sleep Nest

The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest is slightly placed on the higher side of the price spectrum and is a bit warmer in comparison with the Halo Baby Sleep Sack. It is thicker and more fluffy and can also snap over the shoulders that allows it to be put on and off with ridiculous ease. It is meant for colder climes and also comes in a Lite version.

The Baby Deedee Sleep Nest baby sleep sack is not treated with any hazardous chemical substances.

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5 – Nini & Pumpkin Moon Cocoon

Designed by ladies from San Francisco, the Nini 7 Pumpkin Moon Cocoon is a duvet blanket that your toddler can enjoy with and zip up as a sleep sack to wander off to the dreamland. It is a multifunctional piece of apparel that snaps over the shoulders with three varying size adjustments. So, it basically stays with your child from an age of 6 months till he is 36 months of age.

The Moon Cocoon comes with the PrimaLoft stuffing that is typically found in sports jackets. The fill is breathable, organic, hypoallergenic and water-resistant.

There is a zipper placed at the bottom that allows for seamless air flow, freedom of movement for toddlers and comfortable diaper changes.

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Our preferred Merino Wool Wearable Blankets

I was not able to comprehend the pros of merino wool until I participated in the launching ceremony of Aden + Anais merino wool line at the 2014 baby show. Then I had consultation with representatives from Woolmark and also got my hands on a free merino wool blanket from A+A – and I fell in love with it.

Merino wool, being an organic fiber is breathable, highly absorbent and is inherently fire resistant. It is super soft and machine washable in contrast to the wool products of the previous ages. The products are placed slightly on the higher end of the price spectrum but are very reliable and durable. So much so, you would love to have them gifted to your grandsons and granddaughters.

However, it is highly recommended not to put it in the dryer!

6 – The Woolino

The Woolino is made of top grade hypoallergenic Australian merino wool. It is appropriate for babies from 2 months of age to those of 2 years of age so you are likely to stick to it for quite some time.

The Woolino baby sleep sack comes with shoulder snaps and an inverted side zipper for easy changing and the seat belt slots allow for seamless transfer from car to crib. Yes, a safe crib to car seat!

The product has been available on the market for a long time and has received great feedback from the consumers.

The Woolino is naturally fire resistant as discussed above.

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